BOW needs a change

I like beeing archer. But, the fact that arrows weigh me down makes me not be one. You need so many arrows with u since the damage isnt all that good. My suggestion is to remove the need of arrows and make them automatic and also remove damage of the spesial arrows you can craft. Then increase the damage of the different kind of bows. maybe from 22 til 42. That would make beeing archer a bit more fun and no need to concern about encumberance couse of the arrows. I really like the fourth accuracy perk, but since the arrows have weight, i choose to go meele.

Any toughts?

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How many points in Encumbrance do you have?

Bow bad damage? Compared to old 4th perk yes.
But bad? No. You can easily kill enemies if u go, 40 or more in archer. And encum yes it’s not a machine gun. But you can easily bring 500 arrows with you if u put the right amount of points in encum.


its good now i think

Would be cool if FC took into account the fact that arrows require mats, so resourcing and crafting effort are required. Melee fighters just need a repair kit so often, which bows require also. It is expensive to be an archer.

I have my bearer carry them. I carry 200 on me and have 15 in encum (10 from attributes 5 from armor early game then back to 10 at 60.

You not playing PVP then I guess or? Since 20 encum is very needed for PVP.


I played PvP for many years and I now only have 5 encum when in a combat build. Armour weight reduction kits are a must.

Bows cannot be buffed in any way, they are high powered weapons in PvP if used correctly.

I agree…and disagree…

Cause realism is fine… but gameplay wise, arrows to face…or even brain don’t out right kill, which often means your shooting way more then realistically required… so gameplay should take over and weight reduce.

On default weight. (you) there pain in butt… Its something of always hated about them. I don’t mind special ones weighing 10units… but at start of game, some of those bleh ones… Could likely use a lowering.

Then again… PVP out weighs PVE choices… Most of changes I want are PVE related…but would make PVP a living hell. LOL

Most of the times you balance PVP so weapons and armors and such a good In PVP than when PVP is balanced you adjust PVE in that way PVP wont be destroyed.

5 encum only works on horse kinda. A good player would make a guy with 5 encum have a hard time surviving on ground PVP im pretty sure :slight_smile:

Firespark Arrows (actually any arrows, lol), Seasalt Cutlass and Jhebbal Sags Prowl will render you useless with this build.

Actually any weapon that gives cripple. Even spear, since he seems to use heavy. Not to hard to get 4th hit on a heavy guy

Been that way since the beginning of MMOs

Heck no, did 15 years of WWII fighter sims.
Man and machine VS man and machine.
That PvP is not on the same level as hack & slash.

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