Archers need some changes

With long time playing the archer, I have a certain number of proposals.

  1. Add additional damage from headshots by default with a bow in hands
  2. Reduce additional damage from headshots from 50% to 25%
  3. Change the 5th acc perk by adding 15% penetration when using a bow (without melee weapons), if the red mother and hollowbone arrows will be nerfed.
  4. Reduce the base penetration of the red mother bow from 30% to 18%
  5. Instead, increase the base penetration for different bows, for example, from 5% to 15%. At the moment, it is almost the same for all bows (0 or 8-9%), which makes them very weak in comparison with the red mother bow.
  6. Nerf hollowbone arrows required. From 54% to 35% like Quivering Arrow, but with more dmg.
  7. Some bows have exactly the same characteristics, for example, Eye of the Khan and The Huntress or Longshot and Eye-piercer.
  8. Some siptah bows are extremely useless and it is not clear what you were thinking when you introduced them. The only exceptions are Twice-Upon-An-Arrow, Masterful Bow and String of the Legion. I wrote about The Huntress or Longshot and Eye-piercer above. They are normal but exactly the same.
  9. Remove combo attack queue for bows. It need mb for melee but usless and annoying thing for bows. Cuz sometimes there is a second auto attack after the first
  10. Add something for Ctrl buttion for bows… why all weapons have something but bow have just light attack on it

50th lvl perk need some love. There is just no reason to have it. Yes, you dmg is highter with headshots, but it is very hard to land a headshot and it is not such rewarding…It is better to spread points in agg/str/grit than to 50 acc,

P.s. do not forget that First Person bow still f*cked, Arrows fly not in to the crosshair position…

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hi guys
my main issue with archers, is that they always act as skirmishers.
It is avery good thing when we fight on the ground, they withdraw and keep on shooting. It is fine!!!

BUT when you use them on the top of a wall they seem to only appreciate the horizontal distance. When the nemy is approaching the bottom of the wall, they recoil, then are unable to shoot, they come back, recoil again etc. Of course, this behaviour whatever the stance, tactics etc…

I found only one guy who understand his job: he stays at the top of the wall keep on shooting from his position. He kills everything. He is a poor Tear 1 archer, but he knows his duty. I gave him a name!!! he is now a named one!!

bro its not about thralls :smiley:

+1 for all the changes Satanic suggested plz read and understand this @ developers…

this man is 100% right i can back this up…

and like mantra said light attack arrows always fly into the middle of the crosshair while heavy attack arrows seem to randoomly spread sometimes… is this intended or a bug ? – becouse its annoying

If I remember correctly it was like that when you are moving more to make power shot more of a longer range attack but the problem the projectiles are slower than what I’d like but are you moving and shooting or just standing still

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