Archery system, arrows and range building system!

Hello Everyone,

I would like to suggest changing some stuff regarding the current archery system until the “Real” archery system is implemented.

First. Arrows feel like they fly to slow in the game. The system say it moves at 200 meters a second but it looks more like 100 meter per second. (Please correct me if i’m wrong?) There should also be different speeds on different bows.

Second. Damage is to low and it looks like damage is the same no matter where you hit the NPC on it’s body. This is some what disappointing and makes archery more or less useless.

Third. Crafting arrows is to expensive and to much of a pain. Changing the amount to 10x of the current amount you get would fix this.

Fourth. Block with bow! You have to be able to use your bow to block with. This should be at the cost of a lot of bow durability of curse. Like a last resort you can do if you have to.

Fifth. Addition of a Quiver for faster draw and less weight on arrows. This is something that should already be in the game!

Please take in to consideration that this is something that is needed now to make archery useful and fun again. I would also suggest reworking the stats bonuses for archery.

Please tell me what people think about this?


I agree, but unfortunately, they dont care that much for bows, so they won’t do much as they treat it as a “sidearm”, or support weapon.

At least they’re bringing back the powershot, and I wish they could tie the new arrows to some perk, could be the 50th one, as those arrows are very op, and everyone will use it, makes more sense only those who go pure archer using it.

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1, I think they should fly slow, it gives a purpose to advancing in archery and opens up the improvement of its attribute bonuses.

  1. Damage should be relatively low given the damage potential it has compared to its risk (none), but I do agree body shots should have their damage table, limbs have their own and I believe head shots already do.

  2. It’s the cost of having a low risk attack, the arrow costs are fine. Imo the highest tier you’ll ever need is razor and/or snake arrows (T2 set altar). These are not expensive or difficult to make.

  3. I agree 100%, that would be a great addition to the bow, cost of huge durability loss depending on the attack blocked but it should block melee attacks (not so sure arrows). Really only 2h weapons and all heavy attacks should be blockable or the animation would need serious work to look completely believable.

  4. Yes, reduced weight and have its own inventory slots (100/200/400 based on crafted tier, cost is Hide+vine, hyena pelt+twine, feline pelit+sturdy string)

I think the attributes could use the most work, they are what should separate an archer based build Vs any other. Currently there is such a difficult use of aiming the bow (power shot, which is being brought back thankfully) and then the attributes go from useless 1-3 with a very OP 4th and potentially 5th.

-Remove current accuracy bonus 1, and make bonus 2 baseline given the impractical use of this.

-Accuracy now grants 1 ranged damage per point and reduces the cone radius for when you shoot while moving 1% smaller.

1(NEW)-increase attack speed by 20% with ranged attacks (cast time, not aftercast)

2(NEW)- arrows shot at a crippled target will also cause bleeding (3 seconds).

3(Updated)- Increased ranged damage by 15%.

4(Updated)- Increase your armor penetration of all projectiles by 50%

5(Updated)- Headshots deal 50% bonus damage, body shots deal 33% bonus damage. Limbs cause minor stunning effects or cripple (dependent on top or bottom)

So at 50 points you could get 50 ranged damage on all ranged attacks, 50% smaller radius of the cone in which you will shoot towards while moving, a heavy damage bonus on 3 and 5, and put you well in the clear position of archer vs someone who picked up a dragonbone or legendary bow with razor arrows and was practically as effective.


I really like the ideas you suggested there :slight_smile: devs need to make this happen!

:bow_and_arrow:Man archery sure sucks these days in the land of Conan. Some great ideas to spice it up here! If you become a marksman with the bow shouldn’t you be able to 1 shot or 2 shot these thralls if shot in the head? With me in real life 1 shot in the head is too much! How about give us a reason to use a bow?

Different Bows - Hunter bows are best used when stalking both man and beast, and you can charge your shot to inflict more damage and they use a triple shot. Light bows can’t be charged, but they can be fired very quickly. Predator/sniper bows offer pinpoint accuracy when attacking the head with a charged attack.

Wondering what happened to the crossbow too! Thought they were fixing it, I guess by removing it!:thinking: Crossbow should fire like up to 5 bolts before needing a time to reload(gear animation like tools repairing) 10-20sec vs. stamina. [show animation fiddling with the xbow]

Shouldn’t all weapons that break the skin bleed you a bit, especially a spear! That’s a big damn arrow! Immersion and all… …get the bandages!

:face_with_head_bandage:Bandages should really stop bleeding like an antidote stops poison.

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They technically do, its the bleeding effect that doesn’t apply to all attacks. The lower health you get the more blood your character develops on themselves.

As for crossbow, they never said they won’t bring it back. It was too buggy with the combat update so they removed it until it could be fixed. It would be nice to bring back but I don’t think its anyone’s priority.

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