Archery Feedback and Suggestions

Hello fellow barbarians,

I try to play a pure archer in this game as a follower of set. I thought the set arrows combined with pure precision should deal an adaquate amount of damage. To my surprise, my friend does like double damage per hit with his iron spear compared to my lvl 20 bow + set arrows. Furthermore, my friend has the advantage of knocking back enemies when hitting them, while enemies ignore getting hit by my arrows. So the range doesn’t give me much of an advantage, when the enemy just receives 3 low damaging arrows before arriving at my location. The poison damage over time from the set arrows seemed nice at first, but you need a ton of them to really bring down weak / mediocre enemies. And I mean: 10 branches for 10 arrows is not THAT easy to farm. Not just the set arrows, all arrows are kinda “hard” to create in masses. So while a melee fighter only has to repair his weapon from time to time, an archer has to repair it’s bow AND needs to create tons of arrows. Furthermore, you will not hit much in pvp with this. Jumping enemies will prevent you from hitting and lets not talk about hitting the head… So the last perk will kinda be useless in PvP.

So my conclusion for now is: archery builds are a non-viable, at least if you want to be successful.

I think it would be great to give this “class” a serious buff, since it has so many downside, but no upsides. Here is what I suggest:

  1. Increase the damage of bows and arrows by 25%.
  2. Arrows that hit the target should have a 50% chance to not break and can be recollected in the enemy corpse.
  3. The second perk of the precision tree is useless imo (even if I miss, the ricocheted arrows rarely hit). One of the following suggestions would be good alternatives:
  • Give arrows a 33% chance to inflict bleeding on hit, dealing 100% of it’s damage over 5 seconds (bleeding can stack)
  • Arrows have a 33% chance to cripple the enemy, reducing it’s movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • Shooting range and arrow speed is greatly enhanced and trajectory of arrows ist reduced.
  1. The set Bonus from Set armor could increase poison / holy damage inflicted on enemies, giving the set arrows a bigger meaning.

I think this would make archery builds viable, but not broken. You still have to build and consume alot of arrows and the damage would still be lower compared to strength / melee builds.



That’s very op. You can’t be serious with the bleed.


They need a better combo and to be able to lock on at a greater distance, that’s about it and bows would be fine. If you have the stamina, they’re actually pretty viable IF you dodge after every 2nd shot, viable, not great.

Increasing the bow and arrow damage will result in every player playing ranged and no one being melee as it would be harder to get into ppl.

Bow and arrow dmg is fine, what needs to be buffed so we can have a viable archer role, is Accuracy.

The damage is fine, but the lock on distance makes it a melee range weapon, the controls arent good enough to just eyeball the shots when in an intense fight.

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Im sorry If saying this to you will sound rude, but as an archer you should be able to aim manually to hit your arrows, lock on shouldn’t even exist as it takes away the real skill of aiming. Maybe for consoles as controlers are not the same as mouse&keyboard.

The purpose of lock is for melee skills to connect with the foe, because they have pre-determined movement built into the attack animations. Otherwise people would flail around and miss a whole lot trying to make those animations cooperate fluidly.

there’s no point in having archery then, should just take it out, if lock on is just meant for melee. That’s just way to much of an advantage when they can automaticly hit you no matter which way they’re facing, while you have to be aiming directly on them with the awkward controls and crappy combo.

Please Add mounts to the game. Commands to Archery(Neurtal,Aggresive,Passive) and more defensive structures.

If this proposal is not done, everyone will like it

Dude go full strength and full arch then weild a hardened steel sword and hit someone in full elephant armor and let me know if there is really no Point in taking archery :slight_smile:

I do realize that everyone has some ideas, request or what ever… so here is mine.

archery issues:

low dmg
relatively high arrow cost
power attack 3s release
no more “old” aim with right click
easy to dodge
poor perk choice / builds available

what would be the main issues with increased dmg?

Thrall base defense would be useless

How should FC approach this disbalance in future?

Perks are great step forward in survival game like Conan. But we dont really have too many interesting options here.
Game is clearly melee focued (this is intented and it is ok), but if everz weapon dwars it power from strength build it self, it will be always almost the same build for everyone.
some weapons need to have dmg bonus and perks from strength, others in agility and bow in accuracy. While this may not be realistic, it is important balance and diversity change.

Most prefered stats are str + vit and it is totaly OK for a fighter. But archers / rangers are not wearing heavy armor and shuld be agile, fast and skilled hunters. I can imagine that Acc + agility or Acc + survival would be interesting stat combination with some perks changes.

For example do double jump for 5. agi perk but lets say + 50% bow and arrow bow or same for survival but lets saz this would be available as č. perk so zou can invest some more point in grit or what ever

In short… Ranged damage would matter with this build, but at significat cost so that only really pationed players for achery would go for this build.

Quivers would be also really great. Instead of 100 arrows you would craft a quiver with durability and this would be drained instead of arrows.

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Having messed with single player for couple days (mostly avoiding gameplay still because I notice many bugs atm).

-aiming seems off, even with t1 bow and arrows they fly crazy far and at semi short range are shooting above the marker.

-without being able to hold aim moving targets are difficult to adjust aiming to. They often change their direction towards you depending on terrain and the forced release makes it harder to adjust.

-damage is rather low even in the beginning zone. I can’t comment on higher tiers yet so maybe this gets better but even headshots it feels like damage is a tad bit low. Compared to melee it isnt too far off for my server settings currently so that feels good atleast.

-crafting arrows was made a bit more difficult which I would like, IF archery lived up to its power.

I’m still digging into its capability vs thralls enemies small and big and see how it works ultimately. At first experience though the biggest issue I see is aiming. Same with the javelin throw, maybe its a setting I have turned off in which case please let me know but I have no cursor as to where it will go except for lock on. I get people thinking it should be more realistic and not have a cursor to begin with but understand when you want to throw something you use your eyes and visualize your target in some form. Whether you are accurate or not is a different story (in this case accuracy stat) but you make your cursor mentally. We need that here too, even if it starts off as a small circle that gets smaller the more you invest into accuracy there should be a cursor.

You can’t do much with archery solo.
It’s more like a good supporter.

You can’t do much with archery at all. A zig zaging player will 99.9% dodge the arrow because aiming is off, cant lead shot, cant control when to release etc etc. So even as support with snake arrow to prevent healing, you’ll fall behind because even with 60 accuracy, you’ll barely ever do anything.

if the damage is like this… OK… but increase the attack speed by 50% or something and add Quivers instead of arrows that will work like “bow ammunition” item with durability that will wear off instead of using arrows 1 by 1.

想想 這遊戲的弓箭系統
Think of the bow system of this game
Learn the integrated or fusion versions of these two games
What a fun game to play

Assassin’s Creed Origins game+Sniper Elite game=?

Doing a little testing in-game, archery is somewhat viable at higher levels. I used the named carpenter from the Pirate Ship to create Flawless Starmetal Bows (super cheap, only 1 starmetal bar each). These do 18 damage per shot with 9% armor penetration base. I then learned serpent-man arrows, which with the same carpenter cost 1 iron bar, 5 sticks, and 1 feather for 10 arrows. These do 15 damage per shot with 9% armor penetration base.

With modifications, and with a good amount of accuracy points + gear, this set up is cheap and can compete with endgame spears very well (especially since you can shoot faster than you can stab).

Archery definitely needs a balance to make it more viable at lower tiers, but it isn’t as completely useless as I thought. Only took me three weeks playing to come across something that worked lol