Archery dead? funcom wth?

please tell me, why did you kill archers in pvp? Why should u remove them penetration, when it was necessary to INCREASE it for most of the bows?
you reduce 20% penetration to red mother bow and gave +2 damage ?? and you call it REBALANCE ?? this is called the total NERF of archers.
How do you propose to fight for an archer in pvp, when light gear now has 70 +% damage reduction?
Just tell me why it was needed ??
Bring back all the changes or better buff the archers!

or explain why did u do that???


I did this quick medium archer build today:

120 ranged damage.

I did the same build in the current build (2.3) and I only had 115 ranged damage:

bro test this dmg in pvp. where penetration is the most important thing. and they just kill it.
meta light legion set have 70%. after new patch when mb heavy goes to meta it will be 85% dmg reduction. and what will archer do with that??


would you mind doing me a favor?
Test your build in 2.3 (where it has some AP still) and shoot a random strength/vit heavy armor wearing melee player.

  • First of all shoot at him - count how many arrows you need to kill him.
  • Then give him your bow and arrows, nothing else.
  • With your bow let him shoot you and count how many arrows he needs to kill you. (Yes, in melee build)

After you compared the two numbers, please let me know, how effective you find your build in PvP and which kind of rebalance you think archery should get in 2.4.

Thank you!

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I am aware that they drastically reduced the AP of certain arrows and the Reach of the Red Mother.

A reduction of the AP of these arrows/the bow was needed, because in certain situations/on certain thralls it could oneshot players.

The fact, that we will wander into a heavy armor META is actually in favor for an archer.

I usually don’t max out damage on bows for PvP. If I play archer, I am doing the utility role. 40 Grit over 40 accuracy is important. If I can get my hands on a khari bow or huntress, I can spec into 40 accuracy for the knockdown shot.

Otherwise it’s mostly spamming snake arrows for the cripple + poison.

People will have to roll when they are crippled or knocked and getting attacked by my clan mates. Rolling in heavy is more expensive than in light armor.

I am pretty sure you’ve seen or noticed what the harpy spear on siptah does. That applies to an archer as well.


in “certain situations” melee weapons can oneshoot players too. mb nerf all melee weapons AP to 0% then?
with normal gear (even light) and 40 vit u CANT oneshot players even with redmother+hollowbone+with 50 acc+headshot
problem is that in real pvp 90% players (if they somehow farm hollowbone arrows and red mother) cant normally use heavy attacks. and especially cant hit in head.


the reality is that u nerf bows which no one plays anyway cuz in need a lot of practice and skill to hit with heavy shots in pvp.

even if you nerf red mother and hollowbone - WHY U TOUCH OTHER BOWS AND ARROWS???

not so long ago I myself proposed to nerf them, but buff other bows

and what u do?? just nerf ALL BOWS???

u nerf even legendary drop arrows, make them worse then craftable cheap arrows.

people who work for balance in this game… I don’t understand what they are thinking about


I don’t think this is correct for various reasons.

  • If thralls one-shot players regardless of the weapon type, their damage multiplier has to be nerfed - in this case, the ranged one. This is the only way to not meddle into player and thrall balance at the same time.

  • Heavy META is not in favor of any weapon type with a low armor pen.

    1. For utility, you don’t need to spec accuracy at all, since cripple and poison apply just as well if you are a melee. Cripple being less severe is easily outweighed by the benefit of any other attribute and well, it is the 10 acc perk, so no need to waste attribute points. Knockdowns utility depends on the situation. If the enemy runs through uneven terrain (because, well … riders), stands on the high ground or very far away, knocking him down actually makes him harder to hit (especially the head). This is a huge nerf compared to the former 30% AP. 2. If you made the test above, you had recognized, that the melee would need fewer shots to kill you, just because of heavy armor. Meaning every equally skilled meta melee would wreck you in your archery build in an archery duell. 3. Not every player is part of a big clan. There are also the solo guys or small clans, that can’t afford to be/have a support archer.
  • If I read the patch notes correctly (and a honestly hope I didn’t) in 2.4 rolling is armor independent. In Siptah, with both players well build and good (t4) equipped, you need at least 15 shots to kill someone (assuming you hit every shot, which you simply don’t) in heavy armor - I wouldn’t care too much and just let him shoot. And there is always the risk of hitting your teammates, that get crippled and poisoned as well, making support archer a niche for highly skilled, experienced players in big clans.
    I am currently playing a 40 survival (because of the feroxic weaponry on my Siptah server) tanky melee build. You can imagine how less I personally care about poison arrows.

most fixed for archery was needed is bug fixes:

  1. Target immunity to projectiles
  2. Random math for heavy shots (u can get max dmg on first mseconds of heavy or do not get a full dmg at maximum charged heavy shot)
  3. Arrow delay on shooting (arrow need a server confirmation to fly out, in same time all melee attacks pure client side hit detection)

If anybody really think that bows are OP so why no one of archers can win any comunity tournament(1x1 2x2 3x3)? And why comunity have just a few archers?


Why the close combat has a better crafted weapons than legendary? Bow is totally opposite. 2.4 patch is totally killed archer gameplay (pvp). In same time no archery-gamebreaking bugs was fixed. It is mostly about the Exile Lands map, and, partly Siptah.


I would love to see a mod that gives an option for adding 10, 20, 30 and 40% AP to bows and arrows. That would at least help the solo and dedicated server player base.

A mod that based AP off of your strength score would pair nicely with an archer build. Perhaps 1% AP per point in strength or something like that. It would affect all bow and arrow combinations as a flat rate.

Bow = damage
Arrow = damage (plus modifier stats)
Accuracy = damage with bow
Strength = AP with bow


Unfortunately I would most likely give up all my strength to max Accuracy, if we could ever get archery back as a viable option. Archery is so lame now that I just don’t bother. Accuracy and Survival, the two most useless attributes. With a leveling mod, I’ll end up spending on Survival before I bother with accuracy. But with same leveling mod, your strength suggestion has a lot of merit.


They ruined archery way before this, it was just a matter of time before they completely killed it.


archery is ok for now on live servers. not so good as can be but it is playable!

but if funcom nerf it - it will be completely useless

I hope you will understand my English )
When there is need in armor nerfing - there is a nerfs of Yog axe, weapons, bows, etc. It’s very sad. PVP for me has already died before in this game. But now it’s absolutely (

The most interesting PVP is in the stone and iron age. Top PVP is very boring due to overly inflated armor stats. For normal PVP the best choice as I think is to remove epic armor and nerf legendary armor. A maximum of 200-300 armor should be available. I don’t even say anything about thrall with 4000 HP…

And finally, after 2000 hours of playing, I was only able to kill one person in legion armor, and only because I had a Redmother bow, and also took a higher position. Maybe I’m very unlucky, but with other games this has not happened yet.

In my opinion, if devs plan to keep current changes for bow (AP and dmg)
they should:

  2. Fix RNG bug on Heavy charge for bows
  3. Fix drop rates for the Red mother, hollowbone arrows, quiving arrows and every other legendary drop arrows (they just useless now)
  4. let Carpenters add bonus to the Arrows (DMG\AP)

just some pure numbers:
ATM Khari bow (best possible to craft) + dragon bone arrows = 55 dmg (35+20) 38 AP ( 20 + 18)
2.4 Patch: Khari bow + obsidian arrows (best crafting arrow on Exile lands) = 57 DMG 33 AP.
If there is no else background math for bows, than bows lost in dmg. Until 2.4 5 dmg (on weapon) was worse equal to 1% AP.
As result +2 DMG and loose of 5% AP will DESCREASE totall DMG + tons of epic bugs, that harm for bow game play greatly…

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U have never seen norm archers before =) some ppls say that bows are OP, others say that its useless but truth is in the middle.

Funcom, dont touch archers pls, just fix the bugs

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