Archery update is horrible!

Title speaks for itself. Playing on Xbox and this new update makes the bow pretty much useless. Accuracy is bad and the damage was nerfed too much!


I agree in many ways. Damage is very little compared to all melee damage. There is no real control of when you release the arrow on your target, etc.

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Remember that is not the bow/arrow dmg that must be buffed, instead, Accuracy, the bow must be dangerous in the hands of an archer, not any wanderer warrior or survivor.


Though this has to be applied on melee&strenght as well…

In my SP game, my level 60 character has 22 Accuracy and the bow still is not near as accurate as it should be to really be useful. Not having control of when the arrow released plays a big part of the inaccuracy.

I have been testing the bow in my SP game and several Xbox Official Servers. The exile archers (even level 1) have no problem hitting their target (me) while they easily side step or walk around the slow projectiles that are called arrows in the version (most recent update as of 19-Apr-2018).

Do not get me wrong. I LOVE THIS GAME! But a character stands little chance when there are 2 or 3 archers shooting at the character and feeling like I am being forced to rush in with a melee weapon is pretty silly. Who would do that in actual combat?


Let me get this straight, you have 22 acc, and against with two or more archers controlled bt AI (it can do the math perfectly fast to strafe and shoot) and you dont like to be forced to go melee on them???

Hummmmm, thats seems pretty logical to me, if you dont wanna go melee in these situations, go more deep on accuracy.

Dont ask for FC make innacuracy dont affect while on the move, because this on pvp scenarios lead to abuse on kite/gank without skill.

So, either go for more acc, or adapt for ranged/

Hint* use shields when you got archers on you and you gotta rush them.

Conan would do that


I usually go with 20 points in accuracy, now in this new combat system.
Because I like a utility build that can do decent damage.
it isn’t the max damage, but hey I can adapt quickly and swap out weapons.

I can still kill almost anything even archers with my bow.

But the Werehyenas in the den died with 5 arrows in the old combat, now it takes 10
Rhinos used to die in 10-15 shots,

the ability to aim and release, aim and stand down without losing an arrow is also gone now.

projectile speed, power, control and damage have all been nerfed for archers in the new combat.

I really like this game, but I like to play as primarily an archer.
I can guesstimate a decent arc and lead the target.

I’m waiting for things to improve.
But I’ve also started looking for another game to play.


My thinking is this will be restored. Arrows are too costly, and it’s silly to have to scuttle one then try and gather it.

I meant to say I’m sorry our old TL server is gone without my ever seeing your base. I’m really bummed out we had the farrier come visit that day. :frowning: Official PVP can really put some pep in your step, have you considered joining one at launch?

I have thought about official on launch.
but TL was just as bad as the officials I’ve played on, as far as keeping you on your toes.
only you would have a week or two in between invasions.

Edit: I think I was a little too proud of my old base. it’s only a game.

Without words

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Those clothes should only give ~5 accuracy - where do the other 9 come from? Wait, does the flawless epic version of that give that much?
And to line the requirements up in a clear way:
Archer like in video needs:

  • named/t4 armorer of correct race
  • lvl 60 for epic armor feat
  • gold+silver for epic armor materials to be able to craft those things for that high statboost
  • maxed out accuracy, causing the archer to have less encumbrance, HP and stamina

Melee needs:

  • lvl 60
  • little skill or aloe stuff to kill crocs, rocknoses, scorpion or any else boss creature
  • 30+ strenght, leaving plenty room for “tons” of encumbrance, HP and stamina

That said, the maker of that video did one HUGE mistake: He didnt bring dragon bone arrows, but plain starmetal ones. (I think that is a difference of 5 damage.)

Also as was as I have been looking into it, those northern and southern thralls arent that far away from each other regarding HP like they were before.
But did you see the archer dealt 10-20% with maxed accuracy and max bow? (I will assume the bow has +dmg kit, making it a 24 dmg bow.)

The thing which I was going about in my threads was like dragon bow+dragon arrows are fine if you got 50 accuracy and will headshot all the time. But bows being weak on fresh start until you got your hands on 50 accuracy. Then - and only then - the bow becomes okayish.

Also that archer kept running around with only 2 thralls chasing him, while even a pair of iron daggers would have caused their quick death. Instead he kites those 2 thralls (t1+t2 -> weak ones) around from 1:35 to 2:18. That is 43 seconds for two squishy thralls. Those die in like 5-10 seconds of melee fight. With non legendary weapons.

Also that guy never had more than 2 thralls chasing him. I dont know about others but the same kiting situation happens to me with dagger whenever I pull 4 or more thralls, while 2 of them are easy to deal with.

And: that archer never went into the warrior part of that village. (Contains a throne as well.) He only went to those rather light packed crafter houses. Also the respawn seems to have kicked in during his lil clip.
With only about 60/75% of that village cleared, that archer was already out of ammo.

Then he switched to mitrean spear, dealing 50% on a single light hit without having to hit a certain spot. With less strenght on it. That would have made the fighter die in 2 light (maybe 1 light, 1 heavy) attacks. Wait, he killed one of those fighters in two hits during the clip.
At the same time, that archer needed 3 stacks of poison with full duration plus 4 direct damages from set arrows. (Really, that poison damage on set arrows probably makes them more dangerous than any other arrow. I think that is ~150 damage done by 3 stacks of poison, as I lost 1/3 of my HP due to 3 stacks of poison when killing spider queen.)

But that archer surely cleared one thing up for me: That 20th strenght perk (crippled/bleeding/??? enemies take +25% damage) does work with ranged damage. It’s just that there seems to be no feedback at all what kinds of effects are on the enemy. Would be nice to see those. It seems like crippling almost never takes place on bows.

I think the next flame is coming once that healing-change will hit on (test)live. As that is said to cancel aloe healing on any kind of damage one takes. Will probably cause non archers to bring bows again, to hinder their prey from healing up with set arrows, while letting their poison killing those poor guys off.

To sum it up:
On lvl 60 with high end gear and high end bow+ammo, yes the bow is fine.
On the other hand what do archers have to do to archieve a state when they are okayish compared to what melees have to do? There is HUGE difference and this is also why I overexaggerated a bit calling melees “dumb brutes”, as they have almost nothing to do until they are dealing okayish damage.


Hey hey hey, archers need dumb brutes to guard their corpses. ;p

You make good points. Archery yields a build a bit like porcelain. The truth is, many regular guy players use a lot of different builds, and don’t have the luxury of relegating themselves to strength, endurance, etc… I have been forced to fight lately while in pack-mule mode, and that only requires a total of 30 points. You can have a viable transport mode. Can’t say the same for Archery without all 50+ in Acc.

I think archery just needs a couple things to be balanced.

  1. Better targeting reticle.
  2. Able to hold arrow and release when you want in addition to the auto fire we now seem to have.
  3. A small increase in damage that scales with your accuracy points.

Basically it was nerfed but a bit too much of a nerf. Maybe a small bump in damage. Skill balancing is one of those things that will take time. As it stands now the pike is the big baddie. I can use no armor and just a pike and win most battles against things like crocodiles etc on my level 24 build. You can pretty much stay to the side or behind them. Sure that is just one mob example I admit.

Anyways good gaming all. :v:t3:

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I want the control I had before,
I want to be able to aim and fire, or aim and not waste an arrow.
an archer should be ranged not “mid distance melee”

every other weapon in the game got a boost, archers got nerfed.
sure if I wanted to min-max I could get my damage somewhere close to what I could do before the combat patch, but I still wouldn’t have the control back,

I once took down 3 PLAYERS while they ran around trying to find where the arrows came from.
make a video of that with the new system.

omg… watching last stream right now, came up to the point with archery.
Basically archers will have to do the same like Solgam did for his clip, going for 40 strenght and 50 accuracy, which is even worse than I thought. (When comparing what archers have on their to do (and on their sacrifice) list and what melees have on them.)
I mean… Look at what he is running around with, while having encumbrance at maybe 45%.
Thats 65 encumbrance with another 75 being open. Thats probably 4 stacks of arrows, some club+rope, maybe 1 or 2 stacks of healing items. Thats okayish if not going further north, where we will need more temperature protection. Also this archerbuild is really, really, really squishy. (20 vitality, not even passive regen)

But then again I think maybe the 40th accuracy perk should be buffed a bit, since most weapons got like 9% armorpenetration, making it 13,5% once that perk gets applied. Or is it actual plain +50% ap like I thought at first? (Making some 9% ap weapon one with 59% ap) Hm…

But still. When looking closely at Solgam with the archer build, its still 4-5 arrows compared to 2 (light?) hits with mitrean polearm. That is not closely the same, its still completely different.

Even with dragon bone/obsidian arrows, giving 18 instead of 13 damage like with those starmetal ones, assuming he got that dragon bone bow (18 damage) with dmg kit attached to it (+6 dmg), that is a weapon sided difference of 37 to 42 damage. At the same time a certain legendary dagger looted from those chests deals 43 damage while hitting twice with heavy attacks, making that 86 damage. Is that really supposed to be the “same”? Or a certain spear with something like 50 damage while getting up to 50% ap, as some people stated on some server.
I dont know about other weapons though. Hammer seemed crazy during that stream, onehitting each and every thrall - if that hit connects. And I think it was only the ancient one?

If someone really went for 40 strenght and 50 accuracy, those heavy arrows should be the same like heavy hammer hits. And not like some 60% on a plain heavy headshots, which are less doable while moving/while being chased.

I also don’t get the additional component to make arrows - feathers. When feathers were not included, birds where everywhere. Now, after the developers added feathers to make arrows, birds are hardly anywhere. Is archery supposed to be exclusive now to players who like to do chores?

Arrows were way to over powered before, you could just stand back and shoot arrows and mow everything down without even getting mobs to aggro.

that hasn’t changed I can still clear a camp from beyond agro.
but without being able to choose when the arrow releases I can no longer take out other players from afar.
making bows useless in pvp

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I really don’t see a problem Archers having to spec an exclusive build to do viable dmg, cause that separates the “Archers” from regular warriors and survivors wandering with bows on inventory.

This fortifies the archer role imo. Dont u think? :wink: