Bow/acc Damage 1/4 as before

Im very sad about this update, i hope this is a Bug

The Damage with the Bow is now useless low

With the red Mother Bow , Starmetal Arrows and 64 points in Acc needed i 1 Heavy Shot 4 a Northmenguy

and now i need 5… its incredible. i hate this update

  • by the way Thrall distance attack commands didnt work .
  • Catch a nocked thrall with the chain and ride on a Horse dindt work.

5 is crazy, it should be 4.

Accuracy - 4th perk (30% armor penetraiton was removed)
Good to see bows got nerfed.

You have to on your horse when you attach the rope to the thrall.


My ( + ) to this post! Archery has broken and nerfed! Where my bows’ damage?? Why it went out?

Developers! Are there any not-stupid reasons to maxing ‘Accuracy’ and roleplaying with bows as a distance-player now?

Yeah - for a build that was previously dismissed as irrelevant it’s now even further irrelevant. The knockback is actually worse than nothing (you do more damage at level 35 with power shot than at level 40). It also makes it much harder to maintain cripple on a target. If I could literally skip the level 40 talent I would…


Admins!! Developers!! Fancom!! Where are you?
Bows are totally with bugs! And I don’t see any adequate reaction for posts about totally nerfed damage and broken bows’ mechanics! 60+ accuracy + Hunters Bow + Damage enchancer + Razor arrows and after this I do less damage, than with 1-hand mace and 42 Strenth! Where are your mind, Funcom?

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И где хоть один коммент на то, что порезали и сломали стрелковое?

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