Hey devs! any info on archery?

you say it was being looked at…

have yet to encounter a SINGLE player that even has a bow on them let alone uses it

it should be glaringly obvious that the stats/perk/damage is in a very poor state in regards to bows, not to mention even hitting a target to begin with (pvp wise)

before your combo attack addition to bows but right after the rest of the combat overhaul the aiming was FANTASTIC you could hit a target while moving on a moving target…now good luck even if both are holding still.

damage eh might be fine but with the aiming doesnt matter if you could land every arrow yes damage is fine, but seeing as that isnt even close to true damage needs to be buffed

change arrows to debuffs only having no damage only modifiers, bleed, poison, sunder, slow, and all the damage on the bow itself would be a wonderful start


Do not bother, do not even care, I’m trying to play a bowman, but I do not know how to shoot a legendary bow that I’m happy with because the arrow is so hard that I can hardly carry much with it so I always have to wear light armor, that is almost 3 shocks to anything.

this is the real experience, my buddy has made 15 points for the force and with basic weapons in heavy armor he writes creatures massively, and I can suck, sorry but very uncomfortable …

And you could still list what’s wrong with it …

Npc archers cripple almost with every shot. That’s not what happens when players use bows. I can deal with them not doing much damage. I understand there has to be some balance. Even when I shoot the legs, npcs catch me every time. Walking with the bow is so much slower than any other weapon.

Short reply, bows are not good nor fun.

Bows turnwd to be a sad story now they are on the same shelf as the rest of the range weapons on paper ita nice that it looks like you have options to choose from but when it come to game play the meta is there and is hard not to notice

Anything devs? It even being looked at anymore, seen 1 person with a bow since release

In one of the devstreams they stated that Archery is a ‘sidearm’ only.

Accuracy is a noobtrap attribute. Its not meant to actually be used. Sort of like how some of the religion armor isn’t meant to be used in combat.

Stick to melee and use archery for poison ticks as a support role.

Then accuracy needs to be another melee spec, like precision or something that aids in switching back and forth from melee to ranged to be used as a true side arm

Cuz atm it is not even a side arm, if that is their intention it isn’t even doing that, make different arrows that apply debuffs, make it a side arm because it isn’t even that atm.

Just want to hear something from them as to their plans cuz what’s in game isn’t cutting for a sidearm nor a main weapon. It’s just in some shi++y limbo

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Meanwhile in solo/PVE snake arrows are OP and a dull time sink, One branch to make? I would like them to go the other way with snake arrows, make it ridiculous expensive to craft and carry potent poison damage, therefor making you make sure your shot counts. It would also be good if they made people follow a single religion and only Set followers could make them.

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