Archery is useless

Archery needs a buff as MANY other people are saying. I don’t see anyone actually using it in game.


Yeah, we had a pvp incident yesterday. That proved that archery is pretty much useless. I was worried that i might be missing something but it looks like it just does not give enough damage to work.

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Agreed, it does pretty much no damage.


It looks strange to me that it should be so, are we missing something?

I’m using the poison arrows form the temple…

Problem with the archery is not Dmg alone, but the fact that you are not really able to hit anyone unless it is very close range (PvP) and do that run and hit thing.

As i already mention under different post, 50% increased attack speed and increased straight travel distance for arrows would make it more interesting, but still we are missing interesting perks choices. Accuracy perks are not enough…


The problem is that arrows are insanely slow. A British warbow can fire arrows at more than 100 m/s.


I am on a PC SP PVP and just killed the big croc in Gillaman’s tomb with mostly a bow. I started shooting at it from across the pond there, rapid fire. Hit him three or four / five times before he got close enough for me to use the pole arm I got from the burrow king, killed him in one hit with that, he was charging me at the time though.

Now I am at level 60 and took enough accuracy perks to inflict 10 or 20 % more damage with range weapons. I wold say archery is fine, but you have to WANT to be good at it. I am using a hardened steel bow with obsidian arrows which hit at 18 or so. With my bonuses I am probably doing more than 20 damage per arrow.

You also will be hurt a lot more using the bow before you get the timing correct as to when to switch to melee weapons.

Honestly, this doesn’t help low level players or players leveling. Bows are useless and do no damage. You waste too many arrows getting minimal damage hits. At least allow me to craft poison to use with them. It’s not good enough to only be able to get XYZ item through religion. Crom aids no one. So, there should be other ways to get poisonous arrows.

I think archery is good as it is. Use it in an area a NPC can’t get and you own the day. Bow in PVP I cannot say. About the arrow behavior: it is somewhat realistic. You don’t shoot a bow straigt, allways in an angle. This is my real life exp. with bows.

I agree that beginning characters are at a disadvantage with a bow, or any other range / thrown weapon. I did say that you REALLY have to WANT to be an archer and it does take some time to get those perks that I have but it is worth it. The arrow behavior is quite realistic, just like a bullet, the projectile doesn’t travel in a straight line. There is a curve to it as the forces of gravity work on it. I even like the throwing axe, however they are expensive and you can’t retrieve them yet, one shot deal…

there actually is a bug with archery where arrows will overwrite weapon upgrades on a bow. I do also agree that flight speed needs increasing and there needs to be a proper aim. It really isn’t viable and is pretty much the only weapon you have to “spec in to”. It doesn’t need to be the best, but you should be able to take down a gazelle with one with minimal investment. Going balls deep into accuracy just to make archery playable will still be weaker than someone specced for gathering using a spear, two-handed sword, or axe currently.

Archery needs some work for sure. I wouldn’t say it is useless but it is much less attractive than other options. Maybe have arrows that do piercing or bleeding damage.


Archery is worthless, with decent armor your passive regeneration from the vit4 trait will out heal any damage from any combination of bows/arrows.


I think is usefull the way i use it in fact is really overpower to be honest give it a try w this combo: lock targe , desequip bow, doge, euip bow ,shot , repeat u need to be very skillfull 2

this is how archery shoud look like!

I dont say they should make it 100% like thism but that speed is interesting! Maybe 5. accuracy or agility perk?

That’s trickshotting but not real archery. (But I know what you mean the Style of this)

-I would like if the had a Warbow quiver/hunting quiver or atleast some arrows in the Bowhand.

-Increased Arrow speed and increased Damage of arrows would be nice.

-Blunted arrows should reduce the damage of a bow (They are just a joke, you can’t knockout someone if you using a good bow with them… you just kill them before that)

“Archery is fine if you sink all your points into accuracy”

Here’s my problem with that…

Melee weapons are fine without having to sink every point into strength. In fact melee is fine if you have just 20 in strength.

I shouldn’t:

  1. Have to be 60
  2. Let all other attributes suffer for the sake of one.
  3. Pick a specific God

Just for a weapon to become viable. That weapon should be viable and on par with all other weapons from the start.

That or make them overpowered at cap. That’s how that balance works. Like magic in other games, you start off weak… Finish off stronger/est.

And trust me, the fact that I’m actually saying all this is significant… Because I fuсking LOATHE an archer in any game, but they’re an absolute joke in Conan.


Haven’t tried the bow much yet. Disappointed to hear all this as I usually prefer ranged weapons. Only reason I didn’t go bow this time was the difficulty of getting feathers in the north. Made arrows relatively expensive for the dmg done.

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You can get feathers in the swamp fairly easily