Broken Archery is OP

Game mode: ALL
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: ALL
Region: ALL

Archery is OP and clans run a 40 accuracy build with 20 strength with a dragon bow or above and literally melt every other mele player. Combine this build with 50 acc and red mother bow and you melt players with 3 arrows. Add hollowbone arrows and it’s even worse. Why do mele PvP when you can stand and spam left mouse button , cripple them and just delete them? Archers have a place in the game, just too OP.


  • Remove Cripple from bows
  • Adjust damage
  • 99% of PvP run with 40 accuracy perk instead of 40 Strength because of the 30% armor pen perk in accuracy. Reduce this % to ~15%

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.See above it’s self explanatory.


Hey @JayCee

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve sent note to our designers team so they can give it a look.

Why not roll out of the way? If you close the distance, they’re goners.


I have encountered both and I can tell you this is grossly over estemated. I’ve personally found that literally holding up a shield is all you essentially need to do to counter this. Facing off against multiple people at a time is difficult all of its own and instead of taking away a good pvp OPTION that will result is the same one trick pony show pvp have become in the past try leaving it the way it is and let people learn how to fight back. Time and Time again I’ve seen the meta shift from people unwilling to learn how to play the game and instead come to these forums and beg for change without ever considering that they have option right infront of them. Archery is strong but so is 1h axe with shield or throwing axe as well as a poison dagger claw switch. All have counters and all are seeming to be in balance to what was intended before. I really don’t want to go back to “use this set up or die” meta like it was before


Yeah, it’s strong af but it’s really not all that bad if you use a shield and close the distance or counter with your own f’’‘ing bow and accuracy lol but seriously… I haven’t seen anything THAT unbalanced to where it needs to be changed except when you used to be able to poison bestial claws and when you used to roll so f’’‘ing far in light class armor. PvP has so much variety now.
I just wish they’d bring back being able to stack buffs like you used to and +8 on archivists assistant’s scrolls the bonuses can be stacked by anyone it’s not like it was something limited to a certain group of people but that’s a whole separate thing no one wants to hear about. Anything can be obtained by assistance of a thrall, decent weapon, and some gruel/healing arrows and those f’’'ers one or two shot players so don’t talk about balance when you can have an OP tank follow you and one shot a player lol. or have em just defeat every single boss/creature for u. how about next dungeon no thralls allowed. n that’s just the common knowledge/accepted shhtuff…

The game is good as it is. I don’t think PvP in the game has ever been better but it can be by bringing back most of the stuff they got rid of like seriously bring back crits and true armor negation on worldbreaker and annihilator. that stuff was fun and brought a ton of variety in to PvP. Like, imagine if you could use a 100%AP hammer on the supposed OP Archery. The hammer and 2H sword animations and hyper armors were f’’'ed with since then too so why not? cuz you know everyone thinks they should use heavy armor now that they can roll with it so why not bring back those things to counter that. and a possibility to crit to counter the constant armor negation, like, those things balanced each other i think…
idk … this is so off topic now, sorry but Archery is fine man, just think harder/differently lol

PLEASE do not drag archery down again. It suffered terribly a while back, but then Funcom brought it back a little. I love archery and every nerf of it makes my enjoyment of the game drop drastically. I don’t pvp, but it sure seems like standing out in the open, with no shield is a good way to die?


I’m a long time player as an Archer, and while Archery is strong, it’s not stronger than melee
If you’re fighting a number of good archers, it’s no different than a number of good melee fighters.

And bows have an increased miss chance at distance that they lacked in the early game.

So Archery is good yes, but definitely not too beaucoup.


OMG… Archery sucked for sooooooo long. Finally it’s viable and now people say it’s OP, and it needs a nerf! Please don’t mess with Archery anymore. It’s fine now. Don’t touch it!


The actual PvP isreally better than before. Se have a Variety now

but it is undeniable that there are some things still a little unbalanced.
The first is that the axe: it is the best and most versatile melee weapon today, especially if it is the yog’s touch (unbalanced damage/penetration). the axe manages to outdamage than the two-handed sword and still interrupts her combo.
mace: if you know how to play, it can be the weapon that does the most damage, but hás a low range.
sword: worst weapon currently. has no sunder, has less damage than ax. the only onde that is acceptable os the predatory blade and it is still suboptimal anyway.
archery: disregarding the server lag, the você damage is really high actually, but what I think is broken is the target lock. there shouldn’t be a target lock on the bow.
spear: now it sounds like a support weapon, with a good stun lock, but it consumes a lot of stamina and does little damage.
2h sword: good range in the first hit, good for deal against multiple melee opponents, but lose to the axe because of the absence of shield, which hurts too much with the bow being so powerful.
dagger: the dagger hitbox is buggy, several times you can’t hit the blow and the range of the heavy attack is small. The only good daggers are jhebbal and poison ones.
hammer: it became too slow and useless again.
As we can see. we have a meta. Bow, axe and shield.
i won’t lie, PvP is way better now, but archery os a little unbalanced. I can three shot anyone, as well as i can three hit kill anyone with yog’s touch. As i Said, i think they should remove target Lock from boas and maybe lower penetration a little bit. And for the axes, they are the best melee weapon nowadays, but the real broken thing os yog’s touch. They should reduce it’s damage/penetration.
And last but not least. There’s a weapon which cleanse buffs… This is the real broken thing lol.


just throwing this out there if your running the arch spec you at any time should not be locking on to targets as people can out run in a angled motion and cant lead with shots while locked.

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Yes. It Works sometimes. But imagine the situation. I jump into you with an axe, hit two times, you roll afterwards while i change to bow, target Lock you, hit 1 or 2 shots and you are dead. Target Lock on bows gives us a Very fast response.

take a shield, why bows should be shut as it was 3 years in a row? Criple should be nerfed abit, yes, it is abit OP, but dmg is ok. For decent dmg you should aim at head with 50 acc or use red mother bow or hollow arrows, that is hard to find (bow is rare, and u need alot of arrows in long terms). aswell archers is very week in case of close combat, just force them to stuck in melee range…

WAIT!! You were able to add arrows to Hollow Bone? HOW? All mine seem bugged out and wont let me add arrows making it useless.

this is either a bug (or intended), but you can’t add them like you do OG arrows. You have to have the arrows you in your hot wheel. Select bow, select arrows, and it will load. Haven’t used one in a while, but that is the last i remember on how to “load” them.

Use Hollow Bone arrows!

I suppose if your fighting someone who doesn’t know how to pvp yea you’ll find this situation alot. But once again this is a not giving people a chance to learn.

Lol. You don’t need 50 ACC, neither headshot.
With red mother’s reach and dragon bone arrows or starmetal arrows+ 40 ACC and 30 str, you can 3-4 shots someone with heavy armor and 40 vitality with ease.
Cripple is not op. You just need 20 encumbrance to deal with It. Throwing axe is a bigger deal even against 20 enc.
Heavy armor should give more protection against arrows…
The issue about “use a shield and etc” is that you resume the meta to shield + weapon (normally axe) and bows. Every weapon should have a shinning spot.
I have 5k of gameplay hours, all of It on official PvP servers. As i Said before, i know that the actual PvP is more balanced than ever, but still need some adjustments.
For example. You can fire through shield If you aim to the enemy’s feet. Ok, you can crouch while holding ctrl shield to defend against it, but If the archer manage to shoot at point blank, It also goes through the shield.
I feel like they should rebalance some weapons to get on par. A little tune up to 2h sword, like giving it’s hyper armor back, decrease bow/Arrow armor penetration , fix dagger hit box.
Give one handed sword a good animation set or something else. And Maybe take off target Lock from bows. And maybe decrease mace’s First light attack damage a little bit.
The greater the Variety of useful weapons, the better the PvP.

You can still shoot people into the feet with shots that bounce off the floor whilst they hold their shield. Also you can spam Explosive + Gas arrows behind them to do AoE damage.

Add good movement and positioning on the archer and your shield tactic is useless.

So counter OP items with even more OP items? I have no words for that…

Have you tried crouching with a shield? Also the hit box zone is literally all messed up with gas arrows /explosive arrow combo once that starts bum rush them and it’s easy day. Archery isnt op it’s just top teir along with a few other things. If your dying it’s typically because You got caught in bad positioning e.i out farming or the person just knows how to pvp better then you and there is nothing wrong with that pvp is a learning curve and sometimes it’s hard to admit that you got hit with the ole okie doke and try to evaluate were you went wrong and try and improve. Adapt and over come is the name of the game.

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As i Said before. You can crouch, but If the archer get close enough, the Arrow pass through the shield too.
Btw i’m winning almost every PvP i fight with boa + yog’s touch+ shield. Yesterday a Clan mate killed 5 heavy armored enemies only using a bow. He kite and shoot. 3 - 4 shots to kill each.
They must lower armor penetration from arrows a bit.
Even with a craftable bow (khari one) you can reach the same result.