🏹 Nerf bows plez, I cri every dei

For fu*ks sake, Funcom. Plez

Would like to see the crossbows back please.


Anu the Fallen? :smiley:

Why? It’s pretty balanced :smiley: xD


Hahaha :joy:
Yes, tis’ me

braindead apes with medium armor and spears running around and die. no shields no horses no bows no thralls no brain.
why im not surprised what this ppl says - bows is OP. like horses b4…

Have you fought against exactly these people?

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i play 3 years in this game and i fight with all kind of ppl with all kind of builds on pvp and conflict servers. i have 4600 hours and i never meet some1 who can kill me 1v1 in open world.
and what i see here? they didnt do anything special. all this ppl with ■■■■■■ armor and ■■■■■■ builds (im sure) is dying but not bcs of bow. they r doing everything for being killed.
all this is crap as like was with horses. horses was not op at all. but ppl who crying “i cant kill knight on my feets” is really stupid. same here.

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You can find these people on this server.

I would like to see videos from you where you show off what you claim here. :slight_smile:

:rofl:I won’t waste a lot of time on clowns running around with noob bows and arrows and rags. do not make me laugh.
plus after funcom killed combat system and make it totaly brainded - pvp become very “empty”.

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Well dang.

I agree, the combat is slow and boring now.

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i dont wanna “shw off” i dont wanna say what “this ppls total idiots and noobs”. but srsly.
look at him - this archer just standing on 1 place and shoot ppl. wooooooooooooooow…w8 i cant see anything special…he is deal some dmg? yea but look at his enemys - they use ■■■■■■ armor no shields and its looks like they have 300 hp.(bcs of ■■■■■■ build)
all this situations is same as like b4 with horses and combat system…noobs crying “i cant kill knight - nerf horses!” and what? this nerf make PVE fight is really dumb. and in pvp noobs dying as like b4…why they nerf horses?
and combat system. again noobs crying “i cant kill skillfull fighter bcs i dont wanna learn combat system! nerf it!” and what? we have now combat for brainded ppl who cant handle with 2 buttns and they need 1 and now we have just “klick klick klick”.
what next? noobs start crying " i cant kill full top gear fighter with full buff when im naked with my fists! nefr all weapons and armor!" nice game.

well yes, I don’t understand why they are not pressuring the archer either, but I can assure you that they run around with 70% damage reduction and 50 Vitality.

That’s why bows are too strong at the moment.

Yes. I think my video nails this: Conan Exiles - PvP in 2021 - YouTube

It’s the community. The largest part of the players are PvE/RP players who want to build and (offline) raid. Confrontation is not a thing for them. That’s why most of them play on PvE servers. Those who happen to be on PvP servers because they want to steal like a thief or raid, are/were overwhelmed by the combat system and skilled/good players.

idk. look at screenshots. as u see this guy with 81% protection loos only ~200 hp in body and ~300 in a head. for test - i have 63 acc and bow with stats 35 dmg and 42%AP and i use arrows with stats 18 dmg and 13%AP and so even in a head with all my powerfull gear (for archer) i deal less even 50% of all his hp. so i cant belive what this guy from video with hes ■■■■■■ bow and arrows deal a lot of dmg/ its more looks like his enemys have bad gear and bad build.

He is using obsidian arrows (20 - 20%, easily crafted) and hollowbone arrows (15 - 54%, requires some grind). Bow is Khari bow crafted with a T4 damage carpenter.

Also Strength adds to bow damage for some reason. So going pure accuracy is not so effective.

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anyway not big difference 13\18 and 20/20 plus my bow is stronger. so still i dont think what bows is op.
but it will be interresting to see whan max dmg u can get from bow?

now i have 51 str and 50 acc with hollow and obs arrows and my bow 35\42.
he have 604 hp and 81% protection
headshoths obs\hollow - 352\445
bodys obs\hollow - 254\321

not bad but all of this is what u never meet in game bcs no1 running with this stats bcs with it i have no HP, no stamina and no encumbrance)) plus again i have very strong gear for exactly this test shots.

Yes, but 40 STR - 40 VIT - 40 ACC is possible.

And if you wear heavy armor you can only dodge roll 4 times. Your stamina regenerates slower, so you will also have lower damage throughput.

Heavy bow shots will knock you down, allowing the archer to charge another and knock you down right after you get up again. You prevent this by dodge rolling towards the archer to get closer.


idk what is wrong with this ppl. when i fight vs archer i use shield. plus again in open world i fight on horse.
plus again - i dont need acc at all for getting good dmg from bow.
i can say on this video this guy fight with some reaaaaaaaaaaly noobs…my eyes is bleeding thx dude.

I doubt shields are any useful against him. He will wait for your attack and then knock you with a heavy shot. If you manage to attack him when he is not charging his bow, he will roll out and hit you after.

Don’t underestimate this player. He is very strong.