Bow damage is too high

Not even fully charged a bow can deal 50% of HP damage to you.

You are stuck in an animation → bow user targets you → 50% HP gone
You need to run or you will eat another arrow when you try to use a potion.
Then you are 10% HP and anything can free you of your gearset.

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there are 2 slots for ap… research it more

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No nerfs, thanks.


Put the spear away and bring up a shield if your dodge game isn’t there.

Bows aren’t close to being meta, not even close.


mm when you have only 50hp yes then a bow can one hit but who have only 50 hp even on level 1 you have way more hp :face_with_peeking_eye:


If it bothers you that much and you can’t hold up a shield like Taemien suggested… how about you spec into Steel Thewed to counter it and stop complaining, before someone actually takes you seriously?
We’ve seen that happen before… and it’s not pretty… we had enough nerfs for now :stuck_out_tongue:


This one hopes you are facetious.

Are you running (or rather, if you were successfully shot with a bow by a player, walking very slowly) around naked with no points in vitality and max corruption?

What level are you vs what level the person feathering you? Are there other factors at work here? Any mods in play? It is possible to construct a situation where a single shot can take 50% of someone’s HP, but it’s a bit of a stretch.

This one has caught a barb in the posterior a few times and the cripple was usually more worrisome than the actual damage.


No PvP player detected. A shield is extremely useless in group fights. Might help in 1v1 but not all PvP is 1v1. Also there is a bug where they can still damage you even when you are blocking.

Who was talking about 50 HP ??

I can’t afford points for that perk. Would make me even more useless to get from 3 shot to 4 shot with no damage potential.

I use:
STR: 20
AGI: 20
VIT: 20

Level 60, 765 HP, 48% damage reduction

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That’s the whole point… use something else if it bothers you… otherwise learn to deal with it :man_shrugging:
And no… you would not have “no damage potential”… you can kill players with 0 strength points…

The person commenting literally above you is a PvP player… and there are many others who are just fine with bows because they can deal with them.

No they don’t… they are finally viable, because up to now they were garbage… just because it’s not YOUR playstyle and you refuse to adapt, don’t push “cancel culture” on it…

The only way that is a thing is if the person has a full PvE agi build, all buffs… and headshots you from behind and very far away. In that case yes, it will do that much damage, but if someone can headshot you from miles away and from behind… then maybe there are other problems at work like the ones @LostBrythunian mentioned… that you’re a stationary sitting duck…

FYI it’s also normal to be killed during team battles… that’s like the point… so just because it happened to you, immediately rushing to the forums to “cancel” something that killed you is bad form imo.


What do you mean archers are finally viable? archer builds have been viable for years lol


Are you too stubborn to realize, that all what was suggested here does not help ? Unless you have actually tried it against competent players and can proof it. Not this trash on officials that is running around in mario build or grit builds.

The steel thewed perk is useless. One of the most useless perks in the game. The whole grit attribute is a bait for bad players.

The only thing that might help is Last Stand. But the archer can just wait and then 2 shot you anyways.

But it’s useless to provide feedback here on the Forums because all the trolls will come out of their caves and post with their nonexisting wanna-be theoretical PvP knowledge.

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I like how you jump into every thread without knowledge ( I know u say you do, but it’s pretty obvious you dont because of your statements everytime.)

Spear, is a weapon that’s already nerfed more than any other weapon. What’s left for spear is it’s range.

With bow you have huge dmg. You have an light attack you can spam with out almost no cost of stam, that also deals around 80-100 dmg/hit. Heavy attack can deal up to almost 400 dmg in one hit.
You can dodge before the shot to get rolling trust perk activated (only weapon that works on).
You also have the range to stand out of danger and pretty much deal 40-50% dmg to an enemy that doesnt even know u there.

Please stop arguing against PVP when there is a problem with it in PVP.

And suggest stuff to make it balanced to PVE since ppl say it sucks for PVE.

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U wanna try go 0 str against me? :slight_smile: and see how many times out of 100 u will make it?

I bet 0 times.

Oh, so you’re just describing how bad a weapon is that uses Agility… and then you’re saying that you’re unbeatable with 0 Strength :slight_smile:
In that case I see no issue here… just put points in strength and people who only put points in Agility for bow damage won’t be able to do anything, right?

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Also, while making suggestions is one thing…
I have to say at this point… you guys have been whining about everything literally one after another and getting things nerfed into uselessness…
Enough is enough @dorpie At this point I’m going to say that you guys are the in a very tiny minority so if the nerfs you got aren’t enough, then might I suggest you rent a private server, invite all the complainers there and adjust the bow damage to however you see fit… :man_shrugging:

Like, there’s a point after which people are just going to run out of patience with these threads…


Bow damage is too low
Just like every weapon today

If you get dunked by a archer so easily there might be something wrong with your gear or the way you approach player using bow.

Call PvE players troll all you want, but PvP will always be a fight against unbalance… not gonna lie but Conan will never be a good PvP game unless they ruin PvE.

They’re not going to separate the 2…


Not really wrong with armor, no.

U said, “u can kill a player with 0 str points” i asked u if u wanted to try.

And I dont think we are a minority just because of the forums. But you know, there’s players outside of forums aswell. And I can tell u that many of them agrees that bow needs to get a balance update.

It was a good weapon back in 2019 well balanced and such. Also strong. Most people were just to dumb to understand how to use it.

That’s the thing people dont go only 20 agi, everyone using 20-20-20 str, agi, vit.

Thing is, people have to understand stuff is unbalanced in the game. And bow is one of them and has been since 2.4. They tried to fix it with knockback nerf. But since cripple, and also perks changed it pretty much got even worse damage wise. You guys just dont see it, since u dont play the game as PVP players are playing it.

“Conan will never be a good PvP game” so you say it’s a good PVE game? I mean sure, building is fine. But bow balancing wont change anything with the way of building.

Because you cant mean the PVE part with NPC’s and thralls is great? They barely working.

Let me just hop in and share my experiences. With a video ofc :slight_smile: We did some 2v2 training fights there and bows got involved.

I would like @Taemien, @Xevyr and @prologue1337 to watch it.

What I would see with the bow is that it is more reliable. Most servers are laggy and it is hard to hit stuff because of the lagg. The bow should be changed, so it is more easy to land hits. (= reliable DPS)

This will require Funcom to reduce it’s damage, at least when you hit other players though.