Broken Archery is OP

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And there’s another thing… If you are a skilled player, you can fight 2x1, 3x1, 4x1 and etc.
But try to give these people a bow. If they build properly it’s Impossible. Even a Noob player knows How to shoot, and 4 shots you are dead.
Remember the days when jhebbal claws were broken? 2 noobs hitting the mouse Button insanely would overcome a seasoned player. lol
When everybody realise How powerful the bow is nowadays, conan Will turn into a Battlefield game.

It’s not it’s literally how I farm legy bows… I wait for people who either think it’s the end all be all and I take them on the regular.

Yes, you can, but with not light shots. Light shots will deal ~130 dmg per hit with 100 AP, but if server have multiplier, than it will be more. Heavy shot can deal up to 400+ dmg (50 acc, head shot), but light shot will be only ~150-160.

Same situation was before with pike’s, they heavy attack can easy deal 100+ dmg per hit, or even more, so i see really no big problems about that, aswell as i can see from servers meta has not changed greatly, still tons of players go with pikes\hammers, but not bows, only few good archers exist in the world who can dominate with bow, but so many tears…

people didn’t realised yet.
I only play official servers, so the rates are default.
there’s a hidden damage multiplier for every hit of a combo. for example. You have 50 str and a mace with 51 damage, so your final damage will be 102 with it. then add up str 20 perk, str 30 perk.
your final damage with it’s first light attack will be around 200 because of the hit multiplier. they nerfed the spear’s first and second hit a time ago for example.
for example. red mother’s reach with 50 acc build and dragonbone arrows deal something around 450~480 damage on a heavy armored target with head shot.
light shot will be something around 150 as you said. this is a lot of damage.
A player with 40 vitality (~520~540 hp) will be killed with 4 shots. you can kite easily. one handed axe and mace have low range(a little buggy i think), you can hold ctrl with a shield to keep jumping and try to put a little pressure, but even then you can kite and shot. 2 handed weapons leaves you without a cover, so an arrcher can hit you before you come close.
i used to play as an archer when the meta was spear just for the lols and bomb pvp. but now that it’s insanely op, i don’t see much fun =\

The only way your getting hit with a wound up heavy shot is
A. You were not pay attention and it’s no different from and Hank
B. You don’t know how to count seconds and can’t Dodge
Once again shields are your best counter for this as movement is highly nerfed with this or a throwing axe as getting hit cancles the charge

Also side note 380 while hitting someone with the charged attack is the max damage you can do with the red mother with a charged attack with hollowbone arrows. Our clan has tested it in solo players

I agree that it’s not that easy to hit a heavy shot at long distancie. It envolves a Lot of prediction.
But i can assure you that a red mother bow with +5 damage/+12% kit + hollow bone arrows and 50 ACC deal around 450 damage on headshot.
I train almost everyday with my Clan mates and allies.
You are thinking about a 1x1 combat, but bow shines even more on mass combat. Imagine a 3x3 one side have 3 archers and the other one 2 melee and 1 archer. The three archers can Focus in one target and he cannot block arrows from multiple sides.
But even 1x1 you can kite and shoot, there’s nothing tou can do to reach the archer. Jhebbal claws counter’s bow really well.
But as i Said a Lot of times, try to make a 3x3 combat. One side only archers and the other one axe+shield or any other shield combination. Players with same skillplay

It does not

Nope. Archery is far from being OP. If they gimp it up again, everyone will just throw away bows all over again and then you can all fight over which melee weapon is OP, until that one gets gimped to garbage. This never ends. The only solution… I repeat, THE ONLY SOLUTION is to eliminate ALL PVP. Once that is done, no weapon is OP. We can just enjoy each weapon for the fun and unique traits that the devs originally created for them.

Just think of all the truly amazing and fantastic weapons we have had over the years. Every single one has been ruined because of PvP tears. It really ■■■■■■ me off.

I know there are a ton of really cool people that PvP. I should not hate them. But every time this crap comes up and good mechanics and weapons get destroyed, it just makes me hate every single person that is responsible for it. I’m feeling quite bitter as you can see and I probably should not share the feeling so openly, but just maybe someone on the dev team will realize what this kind of PvP tweaking does to the PvE community’s enjoyment of the game.

Imagine if you will that all weapons were removed from the game except for one sword only. Would the PvP players be content on game balance? Heck no. The fighting would switch to the unfairness of the armor types, then remove all armor from game… the complaints move to attribute builds being OP, so if all attributes, all armor and all weapons removed? Unfair locations where players can ambush from… remove that, making a completely flat world with no anything but naked players… unfair network speeds! Too much lag from my location! When does it end?

It is all about skills of each players, OP mean, that any looser can take weapon a beat a pro with other weapon…Anyway as i can see from pvp servers\videos there is a few playrs who use bows, it is hard, but effective. Do not forgot that bow shot bloking sprint for a while, so you can be catched, expecially 2v1.

Again, it is all depend on player individual PvP skill…

P.s. red mother and hollow bone’s is waste of hollow bones…Red + Kit + Dragon bone = 90% AP

llooool. man
what a crappy fight hahaahahahah no one on this video seems to know what they are doing…

man. I just want a balanced pvp options… they are near to this accomplishment than before.
pvp wasn’t amazing.
first on Early access had hammer meta, then was rolling + spear, then the game was released and spear still dominate, but in a different way. they keep nerfing spear. then there was the buggy jhebbal claws meta, no stamina cost, poison and animation bug to bleed people out.
now the game has a good window for diversity, specially because of dodge roll changes.
There is no need to keep a weapon dominating the meta, each one should have a shinning spot and a role.
come on, if you play official pvp server you will see almost only axe, shield, spear and bow. it’s more diverse than before, but still lacks some balances.
for example. if i’m using only bow and you try to fight me using axe and shield, i can easily kite you with some steps, attack range from first heavy attack is small, and when you try to atack me, it leaves you open. i dodge and hit you two times… 3/4 of your hp is gone. then you can put your shield up and try to defend and heal. that time i walk melee into you and my arrows you pass trough your shield.
this was just an example of a fight that happened many times.
I am mainly using the bow now and have not lost any fight against another player who is not using the bow too.
PS: i play only official pvp servers.

thats what im speaking about, only skill matters. You can easy imagine, that if they can play correctly in such tiny place bow will not help me, and i should be dead in few seconds…

Always show your attributes page before a video like this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So like.

We had spears which were OP.
Then we all switched to Hammers for hyper armor.
Then people were using daggers to bypass the new roll dodge.
Then people started using bows again.

I play an Archer. Always have in this game. Never gave up on it. Im pretty darn good at it as well.

But a shield user can definitely put my panties in a bunch.

As for using gas arrows for AoE I rarely see people without gas masks on. And explosive arrows while decent are not the most solid damage.

You lose a fait bit in using 40 accuracy. And you then suffer in the melee side. Minus the armor pen for that perk. Which is good, but not much different than a str vit build.

Im good at landing shots. But recently someone was playing a high agility build. Using Stygian Heavy. Jumping around like a rabbit and zig zagging. He was using a shield and axe as well as zaibar daggers.

I couldn’t get a lock on him. Way too jumpy. Eventually I retreated.

A skilled archer is solid. But its just one of many playstyles and not by far the best

Also. Why do people hate shields?

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so. i have some videos for you.
Our specs: when i went melee: 30~35 str / 10 agility / 40 vitality / 40 accuracy / 20 grit / 20 enc
when i went archer: 20 str / 10 agi / 40 vit / 50 acc / 20 grit / 20 enc
he had the same specs as me, the only difference is when i was an archer, i was wearing light armor.
We both had end-game equipments (which is easy to obtain anyway).

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PS: red mother’s bow + hollow arrow + 50 acc = 530 damage against heavy armored (~1.000 armor) (on DEFAULT server settings) as you can see.
Light shot deal 176 damage on same target.
We have similar skillplay as you may see in the video.
results with dragonbone arrows are almost the same. there’s little difference in the final result, you kill the target with same number of hits.

It is not

just watch the videos i posted before. i’m not here to lie. i’m a veteran player who really enjoy this game and want it to get improved.
prove to me that I’m wrong then. i posted a video showing server settings, specs and everything else.

You posted no such video showing the exact damage. I’m also a vet player and I have literally gone into solo player to test out about every meta set up to see total damages given for each situations with other people to gage how best to handle the situation and when to do specific actions to counter/survive. Everything you have mentioned is strictly situational and conjuncture at best. Just because YOU feel something is op doesn’t mean that it actually is. Sorta why the majority of people on this thread are telling you you are wrong