Archery dead? funcom wth?

It has been a long time since I heard anyone say archery was OP. Since almost a year - update 40 to be precise. But I understand, that it is still in peoples head, especially if they don’t play archer themselves.


I think Funcom tries to send a message on this screenshot (not from me)


so why they cant just cut out archery from game? if they cant balcnce it normally

Funcom was never good at game balance.

They also don’t play the game to the extend we do. They heavily rely on user feedback and even then, sometimes completly ignore it and do their own thing.

Best example would be the nerf to the 2h animation canceling (wield/unwield). Instead of addressing the offhand canceling.

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sorry but it killed archery , those change are not wanted by pvp players, command met my thrall with 40% damage and sword of crom, do we have to remove all, keep one unique weapon, one unique armor ?


it is normal to have some unique thralls that will take you hundred or not thousand of hours to get with some unique weapons that will take hundred of hours to find. your thrall even if the best stat will not survive long on a pvp server. if you are naked an archer can kill you one shot, if you have epic armor no, he will need at least 2 or 3 shots, and those with the best bow and best arrow that take hundred and hundred of hours to farm… and if you have a thrall he will not shot on you as your thrall wiill engage him.

There are so many details of why archery in Siptah is frustrating, I cannot even remember them all.

  • Crafters don’t add bonus damage to arrows, while they do on melee weapons.
  • Poison or Bleed arrows do 1/0 damage and 0/0 AP while poison and melee weapons do full legendary damage.
  • In the tower, melees get a variety of at least useful weapons, while archers get a bow with no special effect but destroying your gloves when shooting.
  • The arrows in the tower are the only technically non-legendary item you can get there, dealing 10 damage with 0% AP making them the worst Arrows in the entire game (worse than bone or flinthead)
  • There is no heavy armor for archers in Siptah 2.4 while there are numerous good choices for melee.
  • The medium archer armors are 3-Stat, making them less useful, while the best melee armors are 2-Stat.
  • The light Siptah archer armor is 2-Stat which again is worse to specialize than the light strength armor with 15 Strength.
  • There is neat melee gear in the Siptah dungeon recipes, while there is not one piece for archers.
  • Feroxic weapons do full damage with a poison effect. Only the bow has got agility instead.
  • Archery is riddled with bugs such as arrows not shooting although you waste stamina and make the animation; arrows flying right through the enemy; arrows bouncing off the enemy’s head, making them very unreliable.
  • What are archers supposed to do with all the agility on Siptah armor and bows?
  • You kill the enemies faster with 0 strength and a good melee weapon than with 50 accuracy and a good bow, especially when mounted.
  • You cannot dismount a rider with a bow and arrows, because you use up your own stamina faster than you drain the horse’s stamina.
  • Every patch melee weapons and armors get new and interesting effects to experiment with, while the only effect added to bows is well… destroying your gloves.
    and so on…

Playing through Siptah as an archer is like being the unwanted stepchild. You watch your siblings unpack a s…load of fantastic toys at Christmas while you get a load of s… exploding in your face (while doing the least amount of damage and destroying your gloves). And once you finally get to live with a new family in Patchlanddrive 24, you at first hope things will get better, until you discover what is in the cellar.


also i like how fast they fix bugs witch boost bows (like invincibility for melee weapons when staying on arrow) but cant fix THE MOST IMPORTANT teamfight bug when archer CANT hit any staggered or knocked down targets.

they fix more then 1 year bug when with 40 perk archers cant charge their heavy attack. and after fix - its usless in teamfights cuz another archer cant hit stunned targets…

and after all this archers HATE they shamelessly say that thay REBALANCE bows. not totally nerf but REBALANCE

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Thank you for this list. I was frustrated with archery before I read your list, now I’m loading up one of my other “Go to” MMO games to try forgetting how terrible archery is here.


“not so long ago I myself proposed to nerf them, but buff other bows”

so would you like us to nerf them even more, thought doing more than you asked would make you ecstatic. “just nerf ALL BOWS” Well devs nerf the bows even more.

Yes and it also has a higher cost it terms of resources and you have to continually craft more times than anything else which is a very good reason it’s not used much but that’s not included with arrow for each thralls

they just broke all balance:

  • extramly hard to farm legendary hollowbones just a bit better than crafted one (obsidian 10 per craft). nobody farm them from now.
  • also hard farm legendary quiuvering arrows - just totally killed. they are worse then crafted one
  • very hard farm red mother bow JUST a little better then khari, which gives good stats. nobody farm it from now too
  • dragon bone arrows, whitch was main arrows for archers - from now nobody farm. cuz obsidian gives better stats and can be crafted for 10 per each craft not 1 like dragonbones.
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Imagine how many hollow bone arrows you would need to farm hollow bone arrows,
how many quivering arrows would you need to get one in return?
While this may make some sense in PvP (use bad arrows to farm PvP arrows), it does not in any other mode.
Arrows are the only weapon in the game where you get less in return than you use to get it.
If you do for example dungeons with a feroxic axe, without a thrall you can do 3-5 I guess (not tested) until it breaks. In return, you get about 100-150 eldarium which makes a lot of feroxic axes. But you could just repair it, which makes it even cheaper. And don’t forget, you had to repair the bow as well, not only use up arrows.

The balance is all so strange, I could go on forever with this …

EDIT: I was writing this post before Satanic’s was published. I let it here anyway because it is quite fun that we argue similarly.

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I’m not a good archer by any means but I always felt like the Hollowbone Bow was second only to the Reach of the Red Mother and because it is SUPER easy to farm, it was better in my book. It also offers +Acc but this thread keeps mentioning Khari as best bow. Can someone please explain to me (a bad archer) why the Khari bow is better?

Hollowbone bow is actually a quite “normal” legendary bow (afaik it doesn’t offer accuracy) - Huntress and Khan are slightly better, because they have 5 acc, so they do the same damage but you have more freedom to skill. Red mother is so much better because of the 30% armor penetration while the next best bows (including Hollowbone) have 9.x%.
But with the recent changes the Crafters contribute to damage, thus a Khari bow - as it can be crafted by a T4, can be better, or on Siptah any crafted legendary bow. Additionally the Khari bow has attribute bonuses.
Atm any legendary weapon is weaker than the best crafted ones - all besides the red mother and its 30% armor pen.

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You’re right, I forgot that the 2.2 update took Acc off the Hollowbone Bow. My current bow is pre 2.1 update. But I see your point about all the crafted bows on Siptah. Thx for your informative reply.

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I want to use archery so bad, but it’s just so weak already as it is. Now to hear Testlive is nerfing it more… ugh.


You know what? Let’s start a campaign in forums, relentlessly making “Buff archery to make it fun again” threads in all the sections where it could apply and the heck with PvP balance. Make archery so good that there is no choice but for all PvPrs to have to spec archery builds, completely abandoning melee weapons and builds, to have any relevance at all.

It seems drastic right? But in fact, isn’t this just what is happening right now, but the other direction?

Seriously, just delete the accuracy attribute from the game and remove bows and thrown weapons already.

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I miss crossbows

The fact is that everyone pulls the blanket over themselves. Archery is not profitable to use now, as the damage is very small.
Korahan has already written above about the required number of arrows. Previously, I used to take at least 400 arrows in a campaign for several bosses. Now you will need even more arrows ))

I’ll repeat it:
Top PVP is very boring due to overly inflated armor stats. For normal PVP the best choice as I think is to remove epic armor and nerf legendary armor. A maximum of 200-300 armor should be available. I don’t even say anything about thrall with 4000 HP…

And SIlk is so hard to farm ?