@devs Bows are not in a good spot

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Calling you out buddy, seen you said bows are in a good spot in interviews and dude you must be out of touch. Do you even play your own game (a game that I, for the record love, and respect you immensely for managing to put together with an awesome team, kudos)? Lmao, sorry for the clickbait title but I WANTED YOU TO SEE THIS.

So basically, the math is in, to do damage that is comparable (not equal, below equal) to melee with a bow you need 50 str and 50 accuracy, high-end arrows and a legendary bow. That’s a bit ridiculous considering you need to A. consistently put more resources into maintaining arrows and B. carry those arrows somehow (which you won’t be able to do with 0 encumbrance). And C. You actually need to aim and hit moving targets on laggy servers at range. An easy solution would be to make the strength perks work solely on melee move-sets, reducing the Headshot perk from 50 to 25% and buffing ranged damage from 10 to 30% with the other accuracy perk. Voila, bows are viable. You’re welcome.

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change the titel personal attacks not needed

you expect a bow to do the same amount of damage as a sword or other melee sharpened weapon with consistent and constant pressure of a swing to do near the same amount of damage to someones physical health? If anything i would find that more broken, you would need a very powerful bow and arrow to be able to equal a melee style damage, cant get compounds in this game, and i wouldn’t consider star metal one either.

Lmao bruh if you get shot with an arrow or sliced with a sword IRL I think you die either way if that’s what you’re referring to, and either way that’s an absolutely daft argument to make about a gameplay element in a video game and I’m totally judging you for even bringing it up.

What I expect is archery gameplay to be fun and satisfying and currently it is not given that it takes A. more skill than melee to actually hit something (especially in PvP with server lag, ping, etc - basically luck). B. double the stat investment (effectively locking a build) C. Double (or triple) the resource/time investment.

Eliminating the effect of Str perks on Archery while simultaneously buffing accuracy as a stat will allow people who wish to play as archers (and RP as them on RP servers) actually have a viable and fun build. Right now 50/50 stat investment is a huge hit - if you want to play a mobile scout with an agi/grit/accuracy build, as an example, you can’t because it is not viable to not go 50/50 str/acc. Right now you literally can’t carry anything if you want to have a useful amount of arrows. It’s just a bit ridiculous that you need to buff a melee stat to do damage at range, while sacrificing stamina, health, agility, and encumbrance for a build that is still much worse than a melee build (newsflash - ranged combat doesn’t provide nearly the “advantage” people imply that it does in this game, especially in PVP).

I’m just saying unless a direct shot to the neck, face, or heart, it will not kill something(cripple or restrict movement, sure), an arrow head lodged inside of the entry wound will actually staunch be bleeding some and do less damage.

But hey feel free to judge me I’m just bringing real physics into this, not to mention how you plan on an arrow being able to pierce steel armor without being able to pull the drawstring back more than normal. I can see your argument against an unarmored person but if you are in PvP like you say an arrow is gonna do barely anything to higher tier armor, we all cant be robin hood. Sorry I upset you though trying to debate it? Then again it was clear you were angry from the title, so maybe its on me then.

also, you can be as accurate as you want, but if you cant pull that string enough you aren’t doing a single bit of damage, so yes strength.

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Then up the damage and reduce the % pen. The “accuracy” stat has a perk that increases armor pen (it should be a flat% increase instead of a compounding % increase, which would then make bows viable against heavy armor if you sink 40 points into accuracy).

Of course you need strength to pull a bowstring but here you are again bringing RL physics into a video game. Thanks, but that’s not how video games work. From the dawn of video game RPGs dexterity has dictated finesse and bow damage and strength has been used for melee damage scaling. And here you are: “Uhhhh but why is encumbrance its own separate stat if people need to be strong to carry stuff.” Lmao, don’t @ me with that sh*t man. It’s retarded.

I’m personally really happy with the state of ranged weapons. I think it makes the gameplay much more interesting when it’s almost entirely melee focused. Bows should stay as an auxiliary weapon.

People are sniping player thralls less, exploiting mobs less, and the gameplay feels better without archery.

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Bruh you are in a discussion, expect people to discuss things with you? If you really are after being a perfect ranger mod the game and get a grab every perk mod! Besides that you have to make a sacrifice to choose how to play, its meant to be that way. Besides that strength is meant to be a gauge of your arms strength and encumbrance would be dependent on your legs ability to hold up a heavier body, so yea they are separate.

Sorry discussing this upset you guess ill stop after this XD

You are literally just making sh*t up at this point lmao.

“B-b-but encumbrance means your character didn’t skip leg day.” How about you work out just your legs for the next 6 months and try to lift something heavy with your weak-@ss little noodle arms bruh.

Get outta here lmao.

We can talk in messages if something bad happened and you need to vent but getting angry at random people wont solve anything? Sorry the bows aren’t to your standards. By the way even if I didn’t reply directly to you it still will notify you, you made the topic. But I wont poke fun at you I learned from the last time i was put on hold. Hope things get better though. XD

Also yes, this is the difference between encumbrance and strength you are correct, your character missed leg day so he cant carry/squat arrows. Or if you can, you cant pull that bow.

Or wait, do you think your character holds everythign in your inventory in your hands? and not in a backpack?

Hard to say man, there is no visual representation of anything the character is holding so maybe he shoves it all up his @ss, kind of like what you’re doing with your head.

riiiiight have fun with that, I’m out I’ll just track this and see where it goes, sorry you got upset though. Try to have a debate, get told I’m the ignorant one when I’m the one open to debate and not saying “no you wrong me right!”

ok on this point it is enough i think the point is clear so befor its escelate it more i shut down the thread