New Melee YAY, new bow NAY!

So far I really like the new fighting system. Works well and looks absolutely awesome. BUT the bow… For me it’s pretty much ruined to be honest. Not being able to draw and hold is bad enough, but that combo behavior really makes it awkward and pretty much useless for me. A bow should be a hunting tool in a survival game, and not work like in an Arcade shooter. Even in FarCry 3 to 5 you can hold a shot and aim, though combat there feels pretty much arcardish.
I guess the changes have been done to bring the bow in line with the new combat system and to balance PvP, but that really crippled it’s purpose as a hunting and sniping tool.


The Devs have said that bow will be looked at after launch. They want the draw and hold back, too. It just didn’t work in the new system and they’re a bit pressed for time at the moment.


once they get the cripple working on npc’s it should feel alot better for hunter standard game/mobs cuz atm its broken

as far as a pvp damage outlet, best to learn a melee as i have untill you see patch notes of some changes

I must have missed the statement on the bow from the devs. Last thing I know was that it’s the way it is now. Awesome. I really hope they revive it as a hunting and sniping tool then. :slight_smile:

It was mentioned in one of the Dev Livestreams.

You wanna know what I find funny regarding this whole topic?
When this was on testlive, almost all the voices where like “nah, bow is perfect”.
(Still traumatised by that combat update with those old 3 bows because that was really bad.)
But when that update hit live - and even more like 2 weeks ago, the voices saying “nope, devs should really look at it” grew in number, while the first got rather silent.

That being said, it has even been worse when the new bows were introduced.
Some legendary bows had 12 damage… (Which means quite a few bows already got buffed by 50%.)

The only thing which is now missing is changing bows from being okayish in absolute endgame to being fun during the whole playthrough. Because bows need the 50th accuracy perk to be almost viable, which cannot be archieved early on. (And need 40 strenght on top to really become viable. Which then requires lvl 50 and all that other stuff as well.)

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I don’t even mind the whole balancing mechanics, to be honest. I mostly play with friends and I don’t PvP. It’s aber the handling and feeling when using a bow. Immersion stuff.

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they should take the bow out of the Game. But also remove the Pictures with Chars with Bows, cause that was the reason to buy this Game. And now? For me this is kinda rip off.

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Because there are bows on the pictures and also bows in the game? Doesn’t make much sense, to be honest.

maybe read it again and think about it :wink:

I think he meant bows where one (or the) reason for him to buy this game.

Which is basically the same for me.
There are a few criterias which I have when looking for some multiplayer survival game, which are not that general so I am picky about what games I play.


I agree with the comments about how you attack with a bow.

Additionally, in order to use a bow, you have to invest pts into accuracy, and carry around boat loads of arrows.

BowNArrow is just not an option IMO as points are so limited and encumbrance is such an issue

one big reason, yes Nuria :slight_smile:

Yeah. Well, that’s why I made this thread. I’d love to have the real bow back, and not this arcade version.
What I didn’t like was your “ripped off” part of your post, because I am pretty sure the devs changed the bow to what it is now in an effort to create a consistent and fair combat system and didn’t intend to rip off anybody. Quite the contrary. In my opinion, and in yours an others as well, that didn’t work out quite well, but that’s no reason to bash the devs. That’s the difference between entitlement/complaints and criticism/feedback.


Btw. What I forgot to tell, there was a devstream in april where they said that the team is working on making the old way how the bow worked come back again. It has been said to be sometime after launch though.

I am a bow lover also. Alwasy pick Crimean for my character even though absolutely no ethnic traits are built into the race at all. Just love the statement “the are known to be good with a bow” or something like that. The devs r going to work on bows after launch. Currently It works fine for me and I keep daggers around for those intimate moments of blade to blade encounters.

That really sounds promising. :slight_smile: