Bow user feed back from testlive

Hi guys! I have been playing test live for a few days now trying out the new combat system, I was very interested in the viability of bows and how fun they would be to use as a dedicated weapon, so after a few hours of just dedicated bow game play here is my feed back.

the animations! the left click 3 hit combo is odd, i typically like to break the combo because I treat the left click as a spammy, rapid fire style button, the 3rd shot charging up seems out of place. the RIGHT CLICK in its current iteration on testlive (4/14/2018) is just unsatisfying to say the least, the previous version of holding down left cntrl and releasing the arrow at the desired strength felt much better, Honestly i was hoping for a more crisp version of what we already had, the slow charge and mandatory release timing feels clunky and awkward to use, and hinders the precision capability of what should be the most surgical attack a bow user can preform.

Accuracy perks Most of the perks are quite nice, I love the idea that ive decided to be an archer and committed to that decision in a meaningful way, However trickshot seems out of place among the rest of the perks, the use cases for this are very very niche (shooting under shields is the only real use ive had for it and thats very inconstant) I would suggest removing the perk altogether and replacing it with a new perk that enables you to aim and charge up with your right click, Or a perk that reduces the cost of crafting arrows?

weapon diversity In the past this has been a real issue with the highest tier bow not offering half the damage as the highest tier melee alternative, Im glad to say the selection of bows has greatly increased this is a welcome change!

Well thats all i have for now, keep up the great work! Conan exiles should be the example all other companies follow during their path through early access, truly you guys have raised the bar!


I agree with pretty much everything. The first 2 shots in the light attack chain are fine but the 3rd does not fit at all.

I believe they said they’d like to have the charge while holding and release to shoot back but it was at the time not possible since all attacks changed to being animation driven and because of that they lost the capability to attack with the release of the attack buttons. Hopefully they can add that back at least for the bow.

Trick shot also is kind of useless in most scenarios. Being an archer you don’t aim to miss so having ricochet doesn’t fit because in order to use it effectively you have to intentionally miss.

Accuracy overall has some of the better perks IMO. My current build I use 40 points in it for the 50% armor penetration perk which is nice because I like to use axes which natively have 0% and it increases bow damage as well on armored opponents.

Btw does the strength 20 perk that adds 25% damage if you hit a for with a status effect apply to bows and snake arrow combo for poison debuff?


From what i tested in single player the 25% dmg perk in the strength tree does seem to increase damage when using poison arrows.

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