Archery Test Live

So excited about the changes. I know it is still in test live. But…as an archer before the fixes I must say that I am overly haopy.

Snake Arrows maybe nerfed. I am cool with that. But the other ranged weapons seem to get some love as well.

Melee will always be the heart of the game. But even before the new archery update I have loved my archer.

Gives me more incentive.

I can damage and I can also play support with heal arrows etc.

Totally thrilled.


I thought it said no change to snake arrows, I love them but we wil need to stock up on gas arrows before the change.

Oh they are still OP. They only cut the direct damage off them, not their poison which stacks… :wink:
And it’s usually the poison one is after when using snake arrows.

Well maybe not overpowered, but pretty strong.

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Just gives me more slots to put in different types of arrows as opposed to just Snake. Also the Katana sounds interesting but I probably wont venture into that style.

Thrown weapons are getting some major love with stacking and being retrievable. This is excellent news as I have always wanted to play an archer with Javelins.

I wish instead of the Katana they gave us Cestus weapons.

I love the punching animations. Id love to be able to use them. But beggers can’t be choosers and I am excited for This next phase

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Glad you like it Hexsing! :slight_smile:

Not surprised snake arrows are getting some nerfing. I know I used to abuse the hell out of them with 1k stacks of them taking down rhino boss from top of mitra temple, croc boss from ledge in cave and rooknose boss for legend keys.

Hexsing, trying to bring out your inner Wolverine?

Perhaps a little. I like the hand to hand animation. We don’t get much of a chance to use them.

I am fine with the snake arrow nerf. I like the poison like everyone else. But I have taken down rhino bosses with bone arrows.

I am kind of happy I have to use other arrows.

Ymir arrows need a little bit of love when it comes to the crafting cost. It is easier to farm razor or hardened steel. Which is currently what I use most of the time.

I will say also that soecialist arrows while cool gives me the healing arrow option. Most of my friends prefer Melee. But if I can support and also damage I can bring more utility.

I also enjoy laying some melee too with my 2 hander or some daggers.

Like the changes. Archery seems viable if you are spec’d high. The laser beam power shot is a little too easy, being the trajectory is completely flat. Should require some elevation guessing.

The light attack is just pew, pew… spend a full stack of arrows in under a minute. Cleared New Asguard by just sitting on a roof top. Should probably give all npc a range attack, thrown weapons etc… or better AI. They have shields but never use them to block arrows.

And bosses are on easy-farm if you are at full visual range, they’ll not aggro, or flee for cover.

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This was my only concern. I don’t want easy mode. But I shoot people from roofs all the time. Or from anything currently available.

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Archery is my main weapon, but… i dont stand on roofs/rocks, to boring. XD

Sounds like they got rid of the pew-pew into heavy shot? then cool. Thats one of biggest changes I wanted.

I do agree, alot of enemies need range attacks, or all of them need “can’t reach player” run and hide, or they get throwing weapons to toss or gas orbs.


Ok, didnt see that, but I guess it’s true. I agree it shouldnt be like this - at most with high acc and best bows.

That has been possible before too.

True, but then again lets imagine a world with NPCs even dodging our attacks… Then Conan Exiles might turn out to become really hard. … Maybe?

Has anybody tested the new throwing weapon stuff? Like being able to pick-up thrown weapons from a corpse (if you hit your target with a javelin or whatever, it should show up in their inventory after they are dead) ?

No. I will disagee. Venom spitting Rhinos etc. I took them down before any patch.

It makes no sense.

Oh that new thing is actually a good way to get a decent starting weapon right after joining a server:
Run to that dregs camp, let the javelin users hit you once or twice and you just got a neat onehanded weapon… :wink:
Decent damage for low levels, since its mid iron (20ish).

So yes it works perfectly.

Of course not each and every single enemy is good to be left with a range attack.
But spitting would make sense for the boss spider.
Boss rocknose would rather throw some rocks at one - the wooden version of that… Idk… some mud? :stuck_out_tongue:
Croc and rhino would run away instead… or growl loudly and thus inflicting damage to anyone too near?
Ant might spit as well…?

Or they should just become swift at chasing and faster animations. ?
But every enemy which might naturally come with a range attack should do so.

Seems appropriate to me. Like pulling an arrow out of your arm and using it as ammo to fire it back at your enemy ha ha. Except, you know, a javalin that would normally kill a human being outright, but let’s just ignore that fact :wink:

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Arrows should also stack inside NPC inventory… those that hit. Add an arrow recovery slider to servers settings: Percentage of arrows recovered from a corpse.

or, spec archery increases recovery of arrows on a corpse. 10 archery gives 25%, 50 archery gives 75%

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Good idea, or a percentage chance would do. 25% chance recovery on hit or something.

why would rhino spit venom… they wouldnt have a range outside digging in dirt, and toss a rock at you…which doesnt make sense ether. XD

Orb gas arrows should lob like the thrown orb, but with greater range. Greater arcing trajectory.