Give the bow a bit more love!

Ok so I have been loving the new combat system generally and at the moment I have been trying a dagger build in dafari epic gear. I have tried to create a nice dagger/bow build for quick skirmishes but unfortunately the bow is somewhat a little lack luster.

Before the combat changes I liked the ability to go into 1st person view in order to improve my aim. I also liked being able to hold the bow (right click) to charge a heavy hit but not release until I was ready. As it stands I like the light attack with quick shots fired but the auto release when charging a heavy hit is not helpful when lining up shots. I would generally like more control over when I fire the bow.

When you actually fire the bow, I find that my character’s head/body can get in the way (visually) of your aim. When you fire arrows, it also feels not very impactful in that mobs take the hits and don’t really react very much. It would be nice to see more visuals to give better cues when you have actually hit a target and the effects you apply to them i.e. cripple.

I know the focus is on melee and that’s great when I am using my daggers! but I would like the bow to be equally as fun to use.

Would be interested to know what others views are and maybe what builds you use as maybe I am doing something wrong.


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Yes bows really really need some love.

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