Combat system feedback I

The collision detection/defense zone for shields is unbelievably sh*t in this game. Put it up and the game engine often can’t detect you should be protected.

And too much of the combat is a guessing game of invisible hit boxes and mythical dodge I-frames that have zero visual cue.

The whole thing needs improvement.

I don’t really use shields but the hit boxes in general are a nightmare. Enemies completely whiff and yet you take dmg. Definitely needs some work. Oddly enough I think the new dodge really emphasized the problem since now everyone is up close and personal so they notice it.

Yeah I think the hitbox issue is further apparent with any online ping, even on the regional official server with 90 ping I notice a very clear difference on combat from single player. Funcom should probably revisit hitboxes for monsters attacks and also their own hitboses, the demonic shalebacks are almost impossible to hit with daggers since their implementation.

The very worst thing about the combat system right now is that enemy NPC and monster light attacks do damage and then the animation plays. It’s incredibly unimmersive and goes against the entire philosophy of the game with timing and animation control.

That was a very confused design decision that is out of step with the rest of the combat model.

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