Combat system needs a little update

Hi exiles!
I consider that the combat system is just fine, not funny enough to enjoy a combat like in other games. It’s very repetitive and predictable.
There have been a lot of improvements since the official release of the game but the combat system remains the same. I know the adding of the katana type and the two weapons movements but im talking about the basic mechanics. What about a little refreshment with some updates.
For example: Add a block movement to the two handed weapons (not the kick back please, thats not a block movement).
The dodge move is extremely fast. Seriously, who can roll on the floor with an armor in less than 1 second? I prefer the dodge move of the heavy armor. Its more real.
And maybe some dynamic attack with jump or when you are running to the opponent.
These are only some ideas.


Yeah i think the Dodge roll needs to be removed. The dodge step is more realistic, and maybe add a dodge “dive” with the jump button when you’re locked on and leaping in a side or rear direction.

The combo system can use some attention, make the quick attacks a little quicker and direct and make the strong attacks a bit bigger . That way every weapon has a chance to land in pvp settings rather than just the spear. Really, the spear is set up very nicely, just mimic that.

And heck yea block with a two handed weapon!

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It’s truly hard to fight someone with the spear.

Also, remove the “ignore” thing from heavy attacks, I mean seriously it’s like Ark in some cases, just spam heavy, nobody can nullify that combo.

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