Add parry and jump attack to combat

Combat feels a little wooden and repetitive IMO. It’s very Souls-like with dodge rolling and strike timing but it’s missing the dangerous feeling of being parried (or the excitement of parrying/countering another player or NPC). Currently, I absolutely love the combat animations and swing speed, as well as how they are implemented with stamina management and strike timing. I just feel like an option to parry in PvP and against (at the very least) other NPCs would push combat to the same height as the addictive building mechanics. I don’t think many would complain about having a similar combat feel to the Souls series, as that is one of the finer evolutions of melee combat in games.

Not saying a direct Souls copy here, but having a counter in combat other than simply running away or dodging out of range could be a great way to make fights a little less predictable. Combat isn’t broken by any means, but I keep feeling like there could be a lot more fun to be had with a simple additional counter or guard mechanic that would keep players engaged in combat with less fleeing.

I’m interested to see if anyone else agrees here as I have several gamer friends who would also like to see this implemented in some way.

Loving this game for a long time is what I’m planning so keep up the excellent work Funcom!


Great idea tbh I would love to see this added.

Parry and a sort of sword lock mechanic added to fights would be neat

Parry - simple block with weapon

Sword lock - Parry/catch a weapon attack, and use pressure (hold key down) to lock and hold them off. Use an ability (dodge roll, another attack, etc), or release the key, to end the lock. Certain weapons may damage others (like sword breakers), or cause a fumble/disarm, or cause the opponent to stumble (depending on their agility), etc. Strength may cause one side or the other to push forward, through the lock, and overpower their oponent’s lock.

I’m looking into adding some combat features through modding this game and I’m downloading the mod kit as we speak.

Is that kind of thing is accessible and what is the degree of freedom I have to script new combat actions?

I like the combat system here but a parry would be nice. I would also love to see shield bash go along with that. it would be nice to be able to do things like disarm with different weapons being better or worse at disarming or tripping and having bonus to preforming or resisting.

It would be nice if the kick had a bit more affect as well in knock back or down.
I should also be able to block or parry with any weapon.

I’m not sure what’s available in that regard. I would love to see it though. Only problem is that I play on console so I’d probably not see mods for a very long time. Good luck!

It is agood Idea. I would like to see this happen!