Few combat suggestions

-add unique attack animation for an attack after performing a dodge roll, opens up more combos and or counters. Animations would match the style of the weapon as well as the direction of the roll. For simplicity only two types would be used, one for forward and one for backwards+sides.

-for large shields, crouching while blocking should place the player in a stance, which helps strengthen the ability to block an attack. There of course would still be a limit to what you can block but this would further that range. Attacks performed in this stance initiatie drastically quicker however all blocks affect your stamina in this stance (x% per light attack, and double for heavy attacks)

-ability to block with bow, this drastically damages your bow’s durability (x% per light attack, and double for heavy attacks)

-attack animation for all weapons while falling after X distance. This will not trigger on flat terrain. Some weapons will be more affective in certain aspects such as single target + knockdown for daggers or small PbAoE stagger for hammer.

-make ricochet trait for accuracy base and introduce new trait to reduce animation speed of the heavy shot until max charge.

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Yeah like a roll swipe or jump attack.

Yes to roll and fall attacks.

The old Battletech player in me would love a good Death From Above maneuver.

Blocking with a bow (and breaking it in the process) sounds legit, too.

Not opposed to more and improved animations, but those are just cosmetic and thus not critical.

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I do believe that some weapons would fit a “roll attack” while others should remain impractical or even non-existent. For example, I would expect some form of attack using a roll with a sword or axe, but not with a hammer or javelin.

Shield stance I consider viable ONLY because we have already been introduced to stances with katana and bow now. Only large type shields should be able to stance for heavier blocking abilities but smaller type shields would do nothing with crouch/blocking.

Death from above for pvp would be pretty straight forward however against any aggressive npc or creature this would be difficult since they instantly will try and redirect themselves to a path towards you and remove themselves from any point of contact with such an attack. So in pvp it would work right off the bat but for pve it would need work to AI before it sees any use.

I like the idea of being able to block or even just do a single strike with the bow. Just enough breathing time to quickly change weapons. Same with the roll and fall attacks. Here are a few combat ideas I suggested in my first list a while ago now:

Charged attack-I feel it would nice to be able to hold down the heavy attack button for 1-2 sec for a slightly delayed stronger attack. Downwards thrust-as the name suggests, a downwards strike on a grounded opponent. Jump attack-as simple as it sounds, and useful for attacking opponents above you or those trying climb escape. Run in attack-when at full sprint, a quick lunge or opener attack.

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