"Block Stance": Expanding all Weapon movesets


Currently, we have a kick, and a few weapons that replace it. Greatswords get a heavy chop, daggers backflip and Shields simply block.

My idea is to see this alternate attack function changed so that every weapon type is able to blocks attacks, shields being the only way to prevent 100% of damage easily.

Weapons would be able to “perfect block” (blocking right before a strike lands) for 100% mitigation, otherwise stopping up to 50% if the block is mistimmed or held, taking a point of damage in the process. Perfect blocks with a shield negates it durability damage. Perfect blocks with weapons or shields don’t stagger the defender, allowing for a riposte.

what about kicks, backflips and the nerfed badsword chop?

While blocking, pressing the light or heavy attack button will perform these moves.

For example, while wielding daggers, you hold down block and press heavy, which would initiate the backflip. Blocking and pressing light could do the Kick.

To expand further, here’s my suggested block effectiveness for each weapon type. To make things a little more interesting, weapons alone don’t always deflect arrows like shields. Instead, their chance to deflect arrows/ projectiles match their blocking effectiveness.
Block Effectiveness” would also be a new stat displayed on weapons and Shields. Legendary Items are allowed to deviate!
Blocking with weapons also prevents stagger like how shields do currently.

  • Fists: 0%, but still prevents stagger
  • Daggers & 1h Javelins: 25%
  • Short Sword, 1h Mace & 1h Waraxe: 35%
  • 1h Swords: 40%
  • 2h Pikes: 30%
  • 2h Greataxe & 2h Warhammer: 40%
  • 2h Greatsword: 50%

These values are based off the general surface area the weapons have available, which is why swords have slightly more and polarms have slightly less.

For even more expansion, heres some suggestions on attacks performed from blocking stance with weapons:

  • All 1h weapons wielded with a shield: Heavy is a sweeping bash with the shield (look up “For Honour, Black Prior zone attack” and you’ll understand)
  • All 1h weapons wielded with offhand throwing axes/daggers: Heavy throws an axe/dagger.
  • All 1h weapons wielded alone: Heavy is the basic kick.
  • 1h sword & shortsword: Light is a deep thrust, starting low and aiming for the chest. Applies bleed & penetrates blocking.
  • 1h axe & mace: Light is a low swing aiming for the legs. Cripples & penetrates blocking.
  • 1h Javelins with or without shield: Light throws the Javelin (this opens up the possibility for Javelins to have a heavy chain!)
  • 2h Greataxe: Heavy is the continuous spin (allowing for a better heavy chain)
  • 2h Warhammers: Heavy is a wipe sweep to push opponent’s back
  • 2h Greatsword: Heavy is the chop we’re familiar with
  • 2h Pikes: Heavy is the old leg sweep (from the light attack finisher), Light a quick wack with the butt of the pike for close quarters
  • daggers: Heavy is the backflip. Light is a stab coming from the far right, penetrating blocks and applying a stack of bleed.

It also very important to note we need to be able to queue these attacks mid chain. Your combat team is pretty good though, im sure they’d allow it even if I forgot to mention it.

With that out of the way, the 2nd suggestion was adding unique attacks while sprinting to help catch fleeing players or to enter a fight with style.

Plunging attacks, or attacks performed while falling, will let players take advantage of height during fights to deal additional damage to enemies.

Edit1: added more to block stance movelist
Edit2: Changed Title
Edit3: added “perfect block”, a point suggested in comments

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If you want to add realism to your idea - blocking with weapons is less dependent on the general surface area, and more with how nimble the weapon is to position correctly so as to catch the incoming strike, as well as how well the weapon’s general shape helps to catch the attack. A longsword is a better parrying weapon than a katana simply because it has a wider crossguard, whereas a parrying dagger is even better because its light weight allows you to move it quickly, and its handguard protects your fingers even if you block at a suboptimal angle.

I love the idea of blocking, but I’d rather not see it just as a damage reduction mechanic. Rather, blocking with a weapon should be based on timing the block, it’d completely block the attack if timed properly (possibly staggering your opponent) and do nothing if timed wrong.

Funcom said at least once in the past that a parrying/blocking feature with weapons was not planned, but they said the same about horses and new maps, so we can dream.


Gotta admit I like timing more than regular mitigation, it’d add another element of skill. Ideally I’d like both though now that you mentioned it.

Time it right for a perfect block/projectile deflect, then continue to hold it for a static guard that can be partially exploited.

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