Weapon blocking and Stamina in combat

I feel like there should be weapon blocking. Oscar said on the Funcom stream how y’all wanted to make shield blocks drain stamina. I think that’s good, but if a weapon block is added it should drain more stamina than shield. I think heavy attacks should drain stamina from blocking a lot. Also, I’d like to propose how I think stamina should be for rolling below too:

-Light attacks do a bit of stamina loss to blockers. The attack costs less than their block. (With same/similar grit)
-Heavy attacks do a lot of stamina loss to blockers. The attack costs less than their block. (With same/similar grit)
-Rolling cost less stamina than a heavy attack but more than light attack. But, the roll is shorter so players don’t abuse excessive rolling.
-Weapons should have a feature to block, but take a bit more stamina to block with than a shield.

I feel like blocking should be used for light attacks and rolling for heavy. I think it will make the combat system more intricate. By the way, great job so far on the combat Funcom I’ve been playing and its a fun time.

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I agree with this, especially since it would prevent all the rolling that players are doing. I’d much rather block an attack, than need to roll out of the way all the time.

Bind block to CTRL, and kick to CTRL+Click.

Blocking using a weapon is an essential part of melee combat. It seems strange that we’re missing block, when we have all the other ingredients for excellent combat.

Thanks for the positive feedback! I like the Ctrl click idea. And yeah it feels weird not being able to block with weapons.

Also heavy attacks should hurt way more than some light attacks…

I think that could result in people rolling all the time…
One doesnt have to be a genius to see that flame wall coming.

I dont care wether two handed weapons (hammers, polearms and 2h swords) will exchange their kick for parry or if they will gain a parry on top of the kick -> this should then result in everyone being able to kick, regardless which weapon is being used.

You’re right about rolling, I added to my post that rolling should be shorter so rolling isn’t abused. And yeah kicking should be used with everything.

One thing I was thinking about for shields, was turning that unused attack value they have into an armor value, and reducing their overall durability. As it stands, their high durability makes them insanely expensive to fix. This would also make them more resistant to chip damage. The things break too easilly. Ofcourse, this would only be viable with the stamina consumption change.

ahh if they could only add blocking with weapons or a parry, so sad

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I’d love it if we could grab the enemy too, but that’s another can of worms best left untouched. XD

I was thinking about that today. Grabbing would be awesome

Yeah, but forget about it. They would need a large investment of time, money and effort for that. Just adding those animations to each type of creature…