More feature to add more immersive combat system

First of all I wanted to say you guys make a good job with the latest Huge update.
I like to suggest things I think would make the combat system more immersive.

  1. The ablity to block attack while using two handed weapons. Right now the only way top block attack is by using shield. I would suggest to add capability to block attack while using 2handed weapons, but unlike shield blocking attack with 2handed weapons cannot be hold, so blocking only happens for a few seconds maybe 1 or 2 second only so. and cost stamina so player cannot spam blocking. Also unlike shield, we cannot block ranged attack such Arrow, Javelin and Throwing Axes with 2handed weapons.
  2. The Ability to parry attack. To parry enemy attack must it be triggered at the right moment enemy attack is about to land, this will deflect enemy attack and stun them for a half to one second, giving an opportunity to land a counter attack. But if the parry is triggered at the wrong moment this will bring a window moment for half to one second for enemy to land attack to us and if it was a heavy attack it will knock us down.
  3. The ability to feint a heavy attack (only heavy attack because it slower)…this is intended to fake a heavy attack, hoping for enemy to try parry them and giving us a window to strike.
  4. A heavy attack to enemy who is holding up his shield will make them stagger for a moment but it will not make them to drop their shield down is just to make them unable to immedietely launch attack after his hield being struck by heavy attack …this is intended to prevent enemy who is spaming shield to be able counter attack after being struck with a heavy attack. so the only way to counter attack is to parry them.

Thank you…please consider my suggestion.

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