Counter and throw attack. Also animation for sheathing weapons on your back and side YOU NEED THIS ASAP

COUNTER OR PARRY L2, BLOCK L1 , SQUARE THROW ATTACK. And please give us animation of us shearing weapons and carrying them. And take your time with mounts magic settlement system.

Basically you need a parry or a counter , and a block for 2 h weapons and even without shield one handed weapons. Daggers are perfect. If u do this instead of using L2 for kick and change it, this for ps4 it would make the game amazing. And a throw is cool too. I would think square . But if u cant doesn’t matter, the counter would be amazing make all fights better. Animation would be great and then u can take ur time with all your other content . Because players will not leave. But u NEED a counter. I’ve been waiting on this game for years lol there’s alot of other suggestions but please really think about makes sense . Your already comming out with Shield bash but a counter with all weapons are necessary. Cause the kick is kinda bad lol maybe even a parry or a block that is also a counter we need some kind of protection in PvP and pve. Please I beg to you god devs lol here me.

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oh god… please use coma and separate your sentences :sweat_smile:
You make a good point but it so hard to read…

Yes, there should be a way to parry. Maybe even a way for dagger playes to disarme people.

I was also thinking that they might need to adjust the kick, so if it lands on a heavy armor player he gets knocked on his backside :thinking: or something like that.

Like in Witcher 3, we can parry and then create an opening to attack

Witcher 3 has a lot of good combat mechanic, and it has similar game mechanic with swordfighting as the combat gameplay. Another good example is Elex and I think it’s also similar here where we can attack a few times in a combo and the later attack of the combo deliver more damage.

Yeah sorry my phone is stupid and it won’t let me use stupid grammar etc lol so I just lucky to tyoe anything I hope to god they put the parry or the a block with a 2 handed sword or even the kick like you guys said but counter would be amazing. Animations would be great I know it’s possible. Btw I just got the doc it looks fun but no good biome to build it. Please funcom give us this please please please. U can take ur time on mounts just give us this lol

Yeah sorry about that .y phone is stupid. Lol see. But yes counter, block with 2 handed sword , parry a throw I mean I can picture button control L2 COUNTER OR PARRY, SQUARE THROW, I mean that would be it, mounts and everything else can wait. If u do this then when magic is introduced we can block with magical equipmeny or aomething and damn can we get animation where our weapons go. I think the tames and pets and mounts can wait they can take there time and there player bad will grow. I’ll fix my original post in a second lol

I do agree we need some form of parry maybe to counter but more so as an alternative for the knife backflip