Suggestions for the combat system ( Steam Post )

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because i think the feedback here is better and it has some good points to talk about.

Suggestions for the Combat System
So im playing on a 70 Player PvP Server with some good PvP Players and of course we talk about the new Combat System a lot. First of all the new Combat looks damn good but i have some Suggestions you might like and i think the Dev’s should have a look on this.

Attack without moving: Sometimes while raiding the “always move forward” can be a bit annoying, maybe implement an attack while sitting where you can damage while your Character isn’t moving. This shouldn’t be an Attack wich is useful in PvP Situations but it would be more comfy to destroy a Wall.

One hand Sword and Longsword Buff: The actual “Meta” is Spear and Axe with Shield. Reason is: The Attacks are fast(and also the Spear is :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:us dongus maximus). I love my one hand Sword but the attacks are too slow to compete with such Weapons(If you have a good Player as Enemy) atm.
Also i guess there are a lot of People out there wich want to play the two handed sword. And yea such a big Sword is heavy but let’s be real - Longsword Fighters are like fresh Meat against everyone in this State of the Game.
My Suggestions to the Swords: 1. Raise the Speed of the one hand Sword to the same Level like the Waraxe. 2. Raise the Speed of the Longsword Attacks to the one handed in this State of the Game.

In my Oppinion the Daggers are very good balanced atm.
And i don’t have much to say to Spear and Hammers.

Combat Speed itself: Okay Let’s say the Weapons are now balanced like this. Some PvP’lers and also me have the feeling the Attacks in overall are a little bit to slow. If you try to chase somebody and he is just running and running, even if you have more Grit. It’s like a hell of Art to hit him properly because all the Animations are too slow - you need to run infront of him or at his Side to hit him(i can remember good ol’ Times where you could Chase people with Sword and Hammer x). Also you feel it in a Duell, that the Attacks are a bit too slow.
I mean Conan Exiles should not be Tera Online but let’s just say if we now have an Attack Speed of 1.0. Raise it to 1.3 or 1.5.

If you share my Oppinions push this Thread so the Dev’s can see it.

OneMan2Balls Server Admin

I also think a attack without moving is a nice idea, maybe when crouching.
When you are defending from a higher position sometimes you just fall down while attacking.

And yes 2H swords in pvp are to slow.

I like attacking without moving and move only if you press forward button. I also want more mobility while attacking instead of just moving in one direction.

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