Feedback on new combat changes a suggestions

-short swords: As the dev’s read off someone’s comment, it seems repetitive to have such a weapon type, especially when it isn’t noticeably different from a “long sword”. While I understand the purpose of the attack differences, the physical appearance of the short sword should be changed to that of a rapier or fencing sword. The thrusting attacks would make better sense and it would look great for the captain feel.

-Greatswords: Obviously it was stated that the ctrl attack would receive tweaks, but perhaps allow the option to hold the animation for an attempt at baiting the enemy, while furthering the damage slightly, similar to the bow strong attack reaching its peak after a brief moment of holding. Otherwise I like the changes.

-Spear: overall I like the changes, but with great sword having its own ctrl animation, perhaps spear could use one such as a sweep wind-up animation that can stagger foes or a minor block that slightly reduces damage taken at the expense of the spear durability.

-Great axe: as it is known, the great axe has work to be done but I would suggest adding its own heavy attack chain, and move the “spin to win” animation to ctrl AFTER you attack at least one time with a heavy attack. This makes the animation seem realistic rather than simply spinning with hyper armor with no risk.

-Banners: Rather than letting people kill one another, I’ve seen it on another game where the fight ends at 1 hp, with the removal of all DoT effects. Instead of killing them and having them spawn away, just stop their battle status at 1 hp and clear their effects so they can heal up, and fight again swiftly. Also I know it was mentioned but I think a dome would be a better zone shape than a box, both for the visual appearance of the zone but also for an even fighting space. While I like the prompt to opt in or out of the zone, I can also see it being abused with people placing, and removing the flag over and over to annoy players. So rather than prompting players who are in the zone if they want to pvp or not, why not have them have to interact with the banner to opt in? This removes the need to ask players yes/no/always/never and simply just puts it out there for them to interact with or not.

-Allowing dodge to save your next attack sequence, would be a very engaging change for fast attacking builds. For example, swing 3 times with a spear, roll, and if you attack quickly enough it will save it as the 4th attack. This comes with a large stamina cost of course but would help get a combo off more likely than wildly swinging 4 times in a row.

-Hyper armor increases damage taken. The concept of hyper armor seems a bit overpowering in some cases, so I think its only fair if someone is swinging wild that they take increased damage with it. Nothing to severe but a small amount to deter heavy armor builds from going reckless with little to lose.

I think the short sword is meant to be more along the lines of a gladius and looks good and the move set matches the thrusting combat style of the weapon so I like it.

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I thought about this too but there’s one major hurdle I don’t see achievable. Just about everything in UE4 uses rectangles (building blockers, placement check boxes, etc. If you made everything in the game visible, you would see all the invisible rectangles that Funcom uses for soooo many things). Morphing it into a dome, while it makes more sense to me to, I think would involve more work then its worth (if it’s even possible given UE4’s natural instinct to layer things in rectangles). Granted most of my UE4 experience at this point is mostly dev kit work, but ya.

The shimmer will go away (according to Alex on stream) so at least the awkward looking box will at least be hidden.

Nah, rapiers are more commonly used with the weapon in you leading hand and maybe a parrying dagger or nothing in your off hand the way the demo looks is pretty much the way Romans fought from what I see.

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I’d rather see improvements on the collision boxes and hit detection rather than new weapons/move sets.
Also, I died a bit inside when I saw they kept the 2H sword light attacks 1 handed, it looks so weird.

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Well the current altar domes seem very similar in that they are a dome, and provide an effect to those inside. It may be an extra hurdle but for an even fighting space, it would be more appropriate. Similar to the pipi mod there are the “zhones” which can be toggeled between square and circle so it seems like the mechanics can be manageable and even customized to the liking of the players arenas because more options the better.

Thankfully everything is subject to change, as was seen in the preview the ctrl attack on 2h sword did next to no damage, and the speed of the 2h axe spinning attack was very slow but it comes with a trial and error. See what doesn’t work, what works to well, and make it work right.

I like their push to give weapon choice an identity but yes, bug fixes should be worked on too. The thing is bugs are always going to exist and are a constant task so it’s not like they need to halt everything new until the game is bug free, it just needs to be manageable and then they can go in and make changes to attempt to better the situation.

Oh ya, forgot about the alter dome ha ha. Good call. :slight_smile:

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