Changes in weapons


This is my own test…

light attack is funny and more usefull
heavy attack: 3rd and 4th hit are more slow

2h axe:
so slow but ussefull against a lot of mob arround you.
no have bleed? strange…

2h sword:
light: a bit more fastest.
heavy: wtf??? why 1st hit are changed :frowning: rest of hits are modified… i dislike with it.

1h axe good for pve.

1h sword:
light (with predatory) not so usefull for all his movement, 1h sword would be more static.

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Greatsword gets a room-clearing sweep right out the gate now, making the weapon much more functional. Remember - you can combo from all attacks, though I haven’t tried Downslash in a combo yet.

They said they would add debuffs after more live input from us. They didn’t want it to come in OP, and then hear nerf cries when people got too used to it. Which is how all things should be introduced. Start low, and then tweak upwards slowly.

Greatsword could already hit 3 enemies at a time before the patch with a light starter. Overhead slash replaces kick now and uses an absurd amount of stamina while not being able to combo. The only way I see this weapon being viable for anything is using lightx3 animation canceling and repeating into infinity. Without a cripple or sunder greatsword is useless.

is it possible than the thralls have the old movements with great sword?

more weapons:

  • Bows: witout penetration you need too many arrows for kill npcs full armored.
    -2H Maze: A lot of damage, possible meta weapon with blades as i have heard.
    -Blades or havoc and malice: very good as before the patch.

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