Spear and 1H longsword also suck now, not just 2H sword

I’ve already seen folks discussed this, but not as much as 2H sword, so I feel the need to emphasize them again. I really tried to like these new changes of combat animations and movesets, I‘ve tested them for many hours, but I really don’t like them no matter how hard I tried.

2H sword is quite useless now and the reason has already been discussed many times, so I won’t mention it here. Now Spear also sucks bad, because it can only thrust forward with only one direction now, which is not only dull but also completely useless when fighting with multiple enemies, I can only dodging or switch to other weapons when there is more than 1 enemy at a time. The horizontal swinging attacks are completely removed which I think is really unnecessary, yes, spear is mainly for distant thrust attack but swing attack can give it more combat flexibility when encountering multiple enemies, it won’t jeopardize its main function, why remove it, I never saw people complained about it. As for 1H longsword, the new light attacks seem to be slower than before, and it always only swings with 2 same directions, upper right and lower left, it looks dull and not very useful either, I feel like it’s easier to miss my target with new attack animation.

Spear and 1H longsword used to be my main weapons, but right now not so much. It really seem that Funcom didn’t do enough testing before they push out these changes, like they just want pushing ideas, forcing players to change weapons, especially the two new weapons they introduced by new update, with these changes.

I really hope they can give us a choice to rollback to old combat animations and movesets, those who like and willing to test these new changes can still keep testing them, everyone happy.

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I like the new spear. Having the ability to attack from out of reach without committing to a lunge is great, and the combo system lets me mixup my thrusts as I need them.

But I’ll agree the sword and greatsword are awful now, and I don’t understand why they reworked the greatsword into a (terrible) cleave specialized weapon instead of leaving it alone and making the new Greataxe the crowd-control weapon.

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Ever heard the say: If it works, don’t touch it. I would’ve applied here.


Have you tried mixing in the light attack with Heavy on the 2H great sword? I at first was hating the change, but now that i have play tested and tried different combos, I think I get where they are headed with combat. They are trying to make people mix and match light and heavy, as opposed to a majority of weapons being heavy spammed as before. Thus the light and heavy stamina difference (it is noticable) makes it more of a cat and mouse combo technique on NPC’s. Haven’t really had a pvp melee though. Will have to go and pick a fight i guess :slight_smile:

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I believe that was the intention of making the change. If you want to attack multiple enemies, choose a more appropriate weapon. Besides, when you’re fighting multiple enemies, they can easily close the distance with you so the extra reach from the spear is unnecessary.

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I found the greatsword had already encouraged light and heavy mixups based on the situation - heavy light light heavy, for example, really hammered single targets while avoiding cleaving allies

Yes, of course I know it’s intentional, that’s why I post this topic, I think this change is bad decision and I already explained why. Keeping the swing attacks doesn’t jeopardize the thrust function of Spear, at all, and it makes the spear more versatile, they can totally co-exist. Funcom can still add fixed-point thrust while keep the swing attacks if they want it so bad, I don’t see the issue.

And whether the extra distance is useful for me or not and how I want to deal with multiple enemies “in my own playthrough” are decided by me, not you, not forced by other people’s own imagination, we each have our own play styles. You may think the extra distance or swing attack is no good for you, but it’s good for me. That’s how I play, that’s how I roll!

Yes, I’ve tried the mixed combos and I still don’t like these changes, the issues is not just the combos, that said, 2H sword is not my main weapon and this new change certainly doesn’t make me want to use it more. And I never play PVP, I mainly play Singlplayer.

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Yes, but in reality, i could just spam the heavy, and look at my phone before. now i have to pay more attention.

They removed the old animation, they removed some finest content from the game. Why didnt you add a new spear with the new animation and everything is perfect but you removed animations from the game.

So unnessesary, i liked the old spear and the new one seems not worth to try. For me you just removed the spear.

Stop removing content in your patches pls, this is crazy. Can we expect another content loss in the next patches?

edit: Is the old animation still in the game? Can modders use it per devkit to create two different spears?

I think the 1h longsword is actually useful. I like to use it against npcs with the light attack. It’s a more reliable way to keep them staggered than spears are now, plus it cripples, plus the highest damage weapon in teh game is a 1h longsword. I’m gonna have a go with it in pvp (will probably suck) but it’s usefull in pve now.

Hammers and Claws and Bows for pvp right now.

If you think it’s a bad decision, maybe you don’t understand why the change was made. The spear’s problem was that it was too versatile. You never needed another weapon because the spear was good both against single opponents and crowds. Removing the crowd control element from the spear gives more usefulness to greatswords and two-handed axes.

I’m a long-time spear user. I’m getting bored of nerf after nerf to the spear. But this is one instance where I cannot disagree with the game design perspective.

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