Spear/Pike Weapons

Just yesterday (24 hours before post) I was using an exceptional Stygian Spear and an Iron Corosque. Before that, I was using an Iron Pike and before that, I was using a Stone Pike. I enjoyed it, because it varied from the spear in which the spears only did thrusting attacks and the pikes did sweeping attacks. Now they both do the same thing. Please revert back to pre-update pikes.


I also dislike the new Pike attack animations. I dislike new long sword and two-handed sword animations, too.

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Spears and Pikes have never varied in attacks, because they are the exact same type of weapon. They’ve always done the exact same thing, mate.
All fall under the category of Two-Handed Spear (If I remember correctly), even if some are named pike, spear or corseque.


The idea is to give each weapon a specific role in combat. With sweeps, a spear could do both single-target and crowd control effectively, which made it superior to all other weapons, especially when combined with its longer reach.

I used to like spears, too, although the previous nerfs to it already made me use them less and less, so I wasn’t too upset with the latest change.

I understand, from a game design perspective, why all weapons need to have a role in the game, rather than one weapon ruling supreme. Sometimes it means that our favorites won’t work in all situations anymore. Now we need to bring a different weapon to fight against multiple opponents - as it should be.

Maybe the greatsword isn’t working perfectly right now, but it really should be the ultimate crowd control weapon, rather than the pike.


Huh. I thought they were different. Could’ve swore. Arty any rate, pokes are not as good as sweeps.

Heh ^^ happens mate.
In any case, I agree. While I do find the change more befitting of their status as (from my understanding of what they’re at least supposed to be) the pre-eminent single target weapons, it’s not as fun/good as it was before.
Nevertheless, in my opinion the biggest issue is the slowing down of animations. That is the only thing I dislike fully about this, because it makes it much easier to get stunlocked with the weapons that were changed.

That’s because they’re spears and poles. They’re NOT for and shouldn’t be used as sweeping weapons. They WERE broken but are now fixed. If you want a sweeping weapon, bring one of the new Axes.

Bruh. Why is the 1H Sword slower than the 2H GS? XD


Dniezby, you’ve never played any other game where people use pole weapons, have you? Pole weapons can sweep. Some, not so much (spear) but others (halberd/pike) very much so.

Also, axes are not pleasant. They sweep the floor and do no damage. Ewwww.

Thank you. I though i was the only one who found the changes to be something needed to try and create tactical thought, instead of spam/pause/switch-ing heavy attack on one meta weapon weapon. I got the same idea from the stream as well. The are “classifying” weapons to allow for a varied approach to PVE, and hopefully pvp. I know once i practiced the different variation on the 2H great sword and found it to be intuitive and intriguingly fun. The speed is a bit slow, but that is a monro tweak i think all weapons may need after the last patch.

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Eww? LOL.

Yes, I ONLY play these types of games. Well, not only. I also play Rainbow 6 Seige BUT mostly medieval games and spears are poking weapons. Ever been to a renaissance fair? They don’t swing spears. They poke. If you were to swing a spear in real life, it would break from the momentum and angle.

So, while you may like the old way of using a spear, the developers and much of the community felt that spears should act like real spears and swinging a long-ass pole is not very practical or even controllable.

As for the Axes, they do indeed do damage. You need to add a spiked weapons fitting kit. Then they will do both. However, I don’t seem to have a problem getting killed by enemies with an Axe so I don’t think the “do no damage” could not be further from the truth. Also, they don’t sweep the floor and are GREAT for fighting group attacks.

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I’d give it time, Funcom is reworking all of the weapons and they will get to javelins. I think you mean the javelin? I think all of these changes are still in the process of changing, so just keep giving them feedback.

I don’t think this is accurate. A spear is like any other polearm - it has the “pole” and it has the “arm”. Or from another perspective, it’s a quarterstaff with an extra pointy bit in the end. You can probably use it to whack people with no more fear of breaking your weapon that you would with a halberd or a lucerne hammer or a glaive-guisarme-voulge or whatever silly things medieval Europeans attached to the business ends of their poles.

But the point of the spear is, well, its point. It’s considerably more effective when used to poke people than it would be as an impact weapon. That’s why those bill-hook-hammer-coffeemachine polearms came into existence. And of course, spears and spear-like thrusting polearms were easy to use in formation fighting, where wild swinging would upset the guys standing next to you, behind you, and living in the house next door.


I could see eventually adding staffs or even actual polearm/ naginata style weapons eventually as a longer range slashing weapon but spears really aren’t fully made in the intended use on here yet either. A spear is more a pokey stabby type weapon. I believe they should add to it instead of the kick secondary but the ability to throw it as its secondary purpose really is

Pikes aren’t really any more suitable for throwing than swords or axes. They’re too long and too heavy, and the balance is wrong. Short spears are another matter. (Many real-world javelins weren’t really suitable for poking and stabbing, but you can do that in the game with javelins. They have their role in the game that is separate from the pikes.)

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I think what hes saying is he misses the slash attacks with the bladed pikes, i actually agree with him. Perhaps long spears and pikes need to be divided up to accomodate a more, halberd like, fighting style that some of the weapons would logically have.


True, he does.
But, and this is something he admitted to in his reply to the reply you’re replying to, he also thought spears and pikes were different things.
Which is all I corrected him on. What you’re suggesting about dividing spears and pikes into two separate weapon categories, is what OP thought it was already (based on how I read his post, at least).

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Ah, I see. Yeah all the pikes and longs spears always had the same animation set. It never really made any sense to begin with lol so not muchnhas changed when they made it stabbing only.

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