Please restore spears original attack animation into its moveset!

Just as the title says, restore the previous animation as another move-set not replacement of attacks with a spear. They have giant blades more like a glaive in some cases, and poleaxes in another making actual swings and slashes with them viable and not so freaking BORING that they are now.
One move-set. On occasion with the skewed stamina you may get an extra twirly stab… Really funcom?? a twirl with a stab as a “Bad@$$ finisher” as if you didn’t realize you’re closing the distance each and every step, eliminating the point of a reach weapon. Oh just give em a poke, you will stay in place… Seriously boring AF. I don’t see any players on my server, and its a populated one, EVER use a spear outside of myself. Everyone says the same thing, BORING.

As this user once said: Statue - Ok so after reading the comments on how people felt about the slash attacks with the pikes i understand why they changed them. People wanted them to play the role they were made for. But the thing is a lot of us loved the weapon because of the animations both the heavy and light attack. The new animation feels just too basic for a game like this and is on the level of arks boring repetitive animation which was one of the reasons i left that game. I would like to ask you guys to just give us the animation back but i don’t think that will work. So what im asking is if you guys would meet us halfway like making something in between for us to use or at least give us a proper light attack animation. I would understand the stationary attack if it was paired with a shield but as a main weapon you should be constantly moving trying to keep the distance pushing your opponent back while advancing. I really hope someone takes the time to read this at least i typed this on my phone with 4% battery lol

So please funcom, after your catastrophic and now legendary screw ups with your servers, your admins, your…timers… Please toss us a treat and include the original animations of the spear, as one of the three attack patterns. Replace the twirly stab!!!


Or maybe split the polearm weapon category into pokey sticks and swingy sticks. The latter could include glaives and introduce a quarterstaff into the game and use the old spear light attack pattern. Then the spears could be used for poking as intended, and we’d get to swing our big sticks if we wanted.


This one commiserates in the lamentable loss of swingy polearm usage.
Especially as thrusting attacks with, say, the Kingslayer Glaive, look silly.

Splitting Polearms between spears/piles and glaives/poleaxes would be most welcomed on this one’s end.

Also, and a barely related note, your irritation at the Polearm lunging forward negating it’s reach with every step has a dark mirror.
The Shortsword special combo (HA, LA, LA, ect…) Is stationary, but each hit inflicts knockback, easily pushing enemies out of the reach of the combo.
This one would happily swap the mobility and knockback between the two.


Yes please! Monk style polearm!
They can start from broken oar i say.


Agree. :+1: The original moveset was more versatile, diverse and overall FUN. With the new move set, the spear is now one of the few weapons which lack a crowd control or sweeping attack.


To note, this one does appreciate the dueling and single target focus of the current Spear, it is a strong unitasker, especially for some dungeons and bas defense.
And looks right for pointy stick weapons. And would much rather see a bifurcation rather than all Polearms being the same way.


Maybe make javelins be longer and use the spear moveset(heavy attack becomes the light attack, and the heavy is the throwing). And then split the spears into pikes and pole arms.

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