1h Sword, better animations, worse speed

Hello FC and community, since there is no talk about this ( and if there is Im sorry for not see) so I created this thread. Now, I know there is testlive for changes and upcomming features such as the one I bring in here, and I don’t have the time to get into testlive to see for myself and I end up checking only on live.

I did it today, the 3d light 1h sword animation is lovely, as the 4th heavy, it won’t miss at all now, but why in the hell did you make it so slow??? The 2nd light 1h Sword was way faster, the time between 1st and 2st attack is way too increased, why did you do that? Was it intended? Is there an explanation for this change as it seems a considerable nerf ? Isn’t 1h Sword supposed to be a fast weapon ? The speed on the swings are very close to 2h Sword, it makes no sense.

It literally kills the playstyle, it is not already easy for 1handers, now you tone down the speed between attacks, 1h sword and axe/knife offhand together with daggers are the only style I like (Katana too but its not reliable), now you make it even harder to non functional. I’m convinced that your internal tests doesnt cover balance apart from just spawning a mob and hitting him/her. If you rely only on testlive for players to give you feedback about that (which seems not enough since there are too few players that do testlive), I don’t know where you’re going with this, because while combat is eye candy with good animations, yet the balance will be way too discrepant, and that will lead to once again having 1 or 2 reliable weapons for a functional combat.

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FYI, there are now 2 types of 1H swords. The short sword just introduced in this patch, with the animations you are talking about, and the original 1H, where nothing has changed. They released the new one with a lean toward under powered and will adjust accordingly based on player feed back like yours. but wanted to make sure you know the original 1H is not effected by the new animations.

You are very wrong there. The broadswords did indeed get changed - they got a warhammer style delay put between the animation stages of the light attacks as well as some attacks being replaced with different ones.

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My bad, they did mention some animation tweaks, but i don’t remember them talking about new animations in general for the longsword, just that the short sword was totally different class.

I dont know if you used 1h swords, but before this update the first 2 light swings were way faster than is is currently, now it is slow and leave you open in between the attacks in a way it becomes more difficult now to fight even npcs, imagine in pvp, 1h already have the disavantage against the range of spears or the hyperarmor of Hammers, Greatswords, Daggers, its a huge nerf making it more slower when it should be the opposite.

lol i actually just created another post about this :smiley: yea its pretty lame when the maces are faster than swords, especially when they are better

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