Since next update is about balance, lets talk weapon speed animations shall we?

Ok, I’ll only mention the ones I think it needs their animations either changed or tuned up on speed, I wanna know if you guys agree.

1h Sword, its overall good, the 4th light attack animation could use the same speed as the first 3 attacks, because its light and has no hyperarmor.

1h Axe, same as 1h sword about the 4th light attack, with the addition of the 1 first light attack getting tuned up aswell, its too slow for a light opening attack, only the heavy one is reliable in most situations.

1h Mace, I dont know about you fellow exiles, but does any1 use Maces for real? I mean, they’re nice in pair with a throwing axe or shield, and thats it, because its animations alone makes it the worst weapon to use, light attacks have an ok speed, but they have very short range and cluncky hithox, I feel like they should be more wide open like whirlwind attacks. The heavy ones are nice, but they need to be faster to be effective, mainly the opnener.

2h Sword, the 1st light attack is a bit weird because the toon rise the sword up with one hand, and its slow, I know managing a big weapon has no room for agile moves, but a fighter choosing a big 2 hand sword would use it the most firmly possible, either the first attack could be replaced by a new one, or just make it faster because for an opening light attack is kinda slow compared with the others of the light chain. Heavy ones are ok.

2h Hammer, the light chain is just AWESOME, it has a good speed and very nice animations, very balanced overall, good range too. Now the heavy, hummm, ok, its Hammer, so it shouldnt be fast because its the heaviest weapon, I can buy that, but thaaaaaat slow? Its only used for PvE, no PvP fights would ever use that heavy attacks, not because they’re not good or nice, but because its veeeery slow to chain it with one another. I remember Oscar explaining about the idea of faint attack, and thats nice, but again, its slow, the heavy chain could use a bit more speed to be useful outside PvE.

Javelins, while cool on design, they are too static, stuck, non agressive, the light chain could use side fast attacks similar to the spear, and having a heavy chain based on stabs with a jumping attack on the finisher or even the opener.

And thats it, I only created this thread so we can discuss about the weapons because I beleive there could be more variety in combat and bring them to life. We are so used to the Spear vs Spear mainly, that we don’t even remember there are other types of weapons that could offer different playstyle, and there are so good skins from them and they could have some use on the field instead of end up becoming just a wall decoration.

What you guys think?


I don’t know what I think because I’m terrible with balance questions and ideas. But I do like all the thought that went into this and I think it’s solid feedback. So have a heart!

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Thanks Multigun, it means a lot comming from you. :slight_smile:

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I think 1 hand maces and javelins need a do over…
I like using Lovetap, but there is a certain “break in rythm” in the combo which practically makes me want to skip the second (or third?) swing all-together and replace it with a light swing. If this is intentional then cool. I don’t mind. Wish there was a shield that KO’s instead of deals damage. Would be a great fit for truncheons.

But all other weapons are fine. I like the great sword light attacks actually.
The light attack opener requires a bit of timing, but you don’t have to aim precisely like you do with the heavy attack opener.

I’ve come to love the greatsword that It’s all I ever use, beside the katana.

I like greatswords more than spears, even though spears are OP if done right.

I think Javelins would do well if the finisher was actually a power-throw. Or… heh, attach a chain to a javelin and you got a sick harpoon!

Imagine… Javelin opener, toss, second attack, pull target in, third attack punch target in the face and make them fall on the back of their heads against the floor… That’s the light attack.

The heavy attack: Leonidas throw the javelin at the target. IF it connects, you can follow up with a dash and a punch in the throat, then tear the javelin out of the enemy. Blood fountain (Bleed DoT)
(I might have stolen that move from AC: Oddysey… you know the one i’m talking about)

You get my gist… there’s so much cool things you can do with a javelin.

Right now it’s just… some boring underpowered achilles poke. Looks great, but it’s yawntastic.

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Javelin definitely needs love. It’s incredibly weak as is, and boring to use with just the one combo chain.

The 2h hammer needs an attack in the first hit to stun your foe or bring them down, so that you can acutally hit them with your powerful but slow last attacks.

I agree that the Greatsword attacks are fine, its just that 1st light attack doesn’t seem… right, doable, I don’t know, looks like someone “in doubt” doing the strike you know? Hehe, maybe its just me, but its what I feel, the following chain looks much more fluid, only the 1st bugs me.

And the Katana… wow, I totally forgot about the Katana :smile:, tried once and never again, is it a thing ? The heavy is interesting, but light chain seems so lacking.

Indeed it is, it can become much more useful.

The heavy chain being that slow, should have knockdown on all attacks, forcing the player to use dodge more when fighting against Hammer users, that for sure would make heavy Hammer dangerous and be a thing on PvP.

The axes could do with a reach, it kind of short at the moment.

Except Spears aren’t OP. They do exactly what a spear is supposed to do, keep distance and inflict damage. Being the most effective tool for the job doesn’t instantly make something OP.


I never said anything to nerf Spears, Im trying to bring balance for the weapons that are on a weaker state, they shoudnt exist just for decoration, playstyle have a meaning.

They are OP in the context of the game. The hit box is huge, so spamming the first 2 heavy’s is too easy and requires minimal stategy to use in combat. If you want to bring in realism of what a spear does, then you should have a hit box the size of the point of the spear, an actually have to penetrate armor with a force blow, as well as in closer combat, be less effective.

Game wise, melee should incorporate the full combos for maximum effect on all weapons. Hence the possible tweak coming that requires commitment to combo to get the most damage during pvp from Spears. The OP is only suggesting things that game play wise make it difficult to no existant to use certain weapons.

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The Katana is “that other spear”; so fast it stun locks without even needing to combo-break, and you have alot of forward momentum which translates into reach. But most importantly; you swipe the blood of your enemies off your blade after you are done.

Hummmm, Im yet to see ppl using it, even on PvE, when I tried it seems to miss too much the target, still I see everyone wandering with spears.

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I tried the katana, didn’t like it all that much - I always find myself returning to my trusty spear! Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with the katana, and the dash attack/escape is neat, but there’s just no beating the ease of the spear.

Indeed, although the moves really resembles the way samurais and japanese fights, its light attacks are too “tight” leaving you too vulnerable. I guess if the strikes had a larger area like the greatsword it would be more viable.

For AoE and more than 1 opponent, I do use greatswords.

But when it comes to facing down 1 formidable combatant (undead or volcano mobs) that’s when I brandish out the Katana, because style.

Since were having a discussion about spears I’m going to post why they’re such a broken issue right now, i’ll copy and paste this from the other thread

Basically all you have to do to balance the game is to double the projectile speed for bows.

This is a direct buff to archery and an indirect buff to shield/1h weapons and a nerf to 2hand weapons.

As it stands, i’m sure spears still dominate in PvP. That’s because mobility+reach are too strong and there’s nothing to punish them if they’re out in the open.

Buff shields and make it more like dark souls, give them a wider angle to block attacks, too often spears just poke past them, but also make it so that blocking causes you to lose stamina. Make it so that you can slowly regain stamina with your shield up, but to get the normal rate of increase you have to drop the guard.

2hand weapons should give the user reach and power but make the vulnerable to being parried or shot from a distance

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