New Attack Animation Thoughts

At first I thought the new attack animations would be a neat idea, but when I started playing, I noticed something. Some of the new animations were really slow, and some of the new attacks aren’t as good.

The radial attack for the spear light attack finisher used to be really good. I like the idea of having a poking option, but the old attack style was much more stylistic.

The sword is really downgraded and not as good. The minimal number of attacks aren’t nearly as interesting as the old animations.

The Two-Handed sword is maybe the most disappointing, considering it was my favorite weapon type. The attacks are much slower now. I like the new light attack finisher, but the new heavy attacks takes away the cleave starter. What I mean is you slam your sword down to the ground in a downward motion. I wouldn’t mind as much if it was a little bit faster, or if it had armor in the heavy attacks. The fact that it doesn’t have armor now is disappointing.

The other weapons aren’t that much of an issue, but the Great Axe, even though it’s new, has a limited set of attacks and is pretty slow.

I hope this is helpful information.


There are some adjustments made in the testlive. Mainly with the 2 handed sword but I feel there needs to be more fine tuning with the hyper armor. (Hyper armor) is the term used when you continue your attacks even when getting hit. The hyper armor is slightly better in testlive but I think it could use a little more in the area of heavy attacks.

I recommend trying the 2 handed hammer once testlive gets released I think you’ll like it.

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I do hate to grizzel, but I must agree on two of these.

Agree! Its light attack especially is lousy now. It has a big, easily interrupted gap in the sequence. It feels more like the heavy attack should be the light attack and vica versa. The Sword it overall less competitive now. I say just close the gap and quicken its ligjt attacks. Its heavys are fine.

And agree with this one too. And this is coming from someone who fought to have them included many a time. The light is ‘…ok…’, but I dislike the whole spin to win attack. Its is very slow and hard to cancel. It is also near impossible to transition smoothly between its heavy and light attacks. I feel the heavy should be replaced with a strong charge up attack along the lines of the Katana.

Finally, Maces need a complete rework.


I actually like the maces in this game. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I guess we’ll have to see where things go.

I would absolutely kill for some tweaks to the hyper armor. Not only does it ignore attacks more frequently, it seems to be random when it will stagger and when it is ignored.

Mostly with NPCs, I’ve been hunting blacksmiths and if I could line my walls with blacksmith thralls I’d never be worried about raids. Those hammers don’t give a f*ck about stagger.

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Edit: I’ve been using a longsword all night, and it feels really good. Balanced between speed and strength so I can actually get a good rhythm going and tear through NPCs.

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Edit: The Greatsword slash I loved so much as a starter for the heavy attack combo has been relegated to an off-hand attack. Found this out by accident when I tried to Sparta kick some dude off an edge and ended up slicing him instead. It’s so cool!

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