Great Axe Considerations

Hiya, folks! I wanted to mention some thoughts I’ve had on the new great axes. First off, they look really good. In particular, that Great Axe of the North is a thing of beauty! I also like the look of the light attack animations - the character appears to be putting some real oomph into those swings, and it looks great!

What we have now, unfortunately, makes the great axe feel like half a weapon. Now, I know that their damage and status effects are up in the air right now for future tweaking, so the purpose of this post is not to deal with those things. cough shield smash? bleed? cough

I expected great axes to be a lot of fun to use, but right now they’re just kinda… meh. I think they’d be a lot more enjoyable if they had their own heavy attack chain. And what about the spinny-deathy-spin? Maybe that could be the final repeatable move at the end of the chain, in the way that using two axes works. This way, you’d have a bona fide weapon that works like the others do, but with the addition of a fun (if not zany) spin option as icing on the cake. A few nice and hefty axe swings punctuated by spin-until-you’re-bored sounds more fun than just spin-until-you’re-bored.

Great axes are cool weapons. I know that folks have been requesting them for a long time. I know I’ve been looking forward to them ever since I started playing. They deserve more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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After playing with the 2H sword and the 2H Axe, i get the feeling they are wanting people to use more light attacks in general, and not spam heavy. Treat heavy as a special massive damage, and the light as tactical, timing based. The spear seems that way as well, as the poke, poke lights seem to be more of stay off me, and the heavy now seems likeokay, now i am going for the kill. But i could be wrong as well.

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