About greatswords and greataxes

Let’s make’em great (again) !!

The old greatsword anims where beautiful to watch. That flow and style, combined with the raw effectiveness in a crowded situation. Now not so much.

And as for greataxes… they feel poorly executed.

I would say that the new anims for the greatsword, including the brutal ctrl-chop, would be much more suitet for the greataxe… in fact PERFECTLY suited for the greataxe, and the old greatsword restored…

Well, one can dream. But that’s my fifty cent, as they say.

Hail Yog, and have a good weekend.


I totally agree with you, the 2h sword heavy attack 4th hit doesn’t feel smooth at all… The 2h Axe is soooo slow that it’s not even worth using it…

I support you on that one.

Poor Animation job right there.

On a positive note tho , Funcom did a great job with the 2h Hammer, all attack feels smooth.

I think the 2h sword animations need sped up.i think it would be better all the way around if that were to happen. Two handers while they may be heaver than the short sword and regular sword shouldn’t be heavy enough to move at such a slow rate. haven’t really used the axe as that’s not really my playstyle. So can’t say much as far as that goes but from watching videos i don’t care for the spinning attack of a 2h ax it should be between the hammer and 2h sword as far as animation/speed and damage goes.

What also seems pretty frustrating about the slow greatsword attacks - NPC’s don’t feel like they suffer from them. They seem to be able to attack with the same haste as always without leaving the big gaps in their pattern.


100% agree (puts on MAGA hat).

MakeGreatswordsGreatAgain :smiley:

Totally agree. I have no idea what they were thinking when they went and screwed up the 2H sword.

they thing is that they dont know how to make a balanced weapon/pvp system.

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