My thoughts on Dual Axes

I have been using the Whirlwind Blades for ages, and also was very familiar with the one-handed axe/throwing axe combo as well, so I think it is fair that I critique the new weapon class.

I will first get the most obvious point out of the way, the dual axe is a copy/paste of the old one-handed axe/throwing axe dual wielding. This came with the side effect of an intolerable light attack animation where the play never uses the left-hand weapon. I hope that new light attack animations are already in the works, because this is really bad design. However, it is also mostly cosmetic, so it doesn’t play much of a role during actual gameplay.

To make light attacks even worse though, and in a way that actually matters, light attacks are all just very slow swings with no added status effects. This makes them pretty pointless since heavy attacks are faster strikes (except the opener), start with shieldbash, then stack cripple at an alarmingly high speed.

The descriptions need to be updated. Both the Whirlwind Blades and Havoc and Malice still only say they are bleeding weapons, when they are actually cripple weapons.
The only time they cause bleed is from a sprint attack, which, since it is completely impractical to stack that way, added to the 8-second bleed nerf, this single bleed stack is utterly useless. Against any enemy weak enough where one stack of bleed would cause enough damage to be relevant, the enemy is not strong enough for it to ever matter.
If light attacks added bleed as a finisher, this would make both the sprint bleed and light attacks actually relevant.

Another issue is the delay between when the weapons are drawn to when the first attack can be performed. In the video below, I am rapidly clicking the attack as soon as I draw them to start the first attack as soon as possible. You can clearly see a window after the draw stops and before the attack begins where I am just standing there doing nothing.

To be fair, I’ve seen a similar standing-around-doing-nothing-delay on several other weapon classes I’ve tested as well, and I equally think it should be cut down from them too, but I think the window is a little more obvious on these dual axes specifically (possibly because the opening attack is so slow).

One final criticism is the special attack having the backflip replaced with the kick. The kick is useless.
The special attack from the dual wielding one-handed axe/throwing axe combo was throwing the throwing axe, which obviously didn’t make sense for dual axes. So, in my opinion, they should have just kept the backflip from when they were daggers.
If a backflip seemed out of place for a different weapon class, then they should have gotten something new for their special attack.
Maybe there is a new special attack in the works and the kick is just a placeholder, but I would still have preferred the backflip as a placeholder.

As a conclusion, I want to say that the dual axe is not a bad weapon class. I still like my Whirlwind Blades and have not found a compelling reason to switch to something else yet. There are just several glaring issues with them that should not be ignored.


All in-game dual wields are just daggers to me. I like the 1H/Throwing combo. If the dual wields in game did not act l like daggers (though they look better), I would run them. There are a few types. There are the blades, and there is an axe set I picked up off a undead 3skull. But ultimately boring.

When are they going to introduce a boomerang? :smiley: That would be fun.

– Ill

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Hi Tephra, thanks for the detailed feedback. I wanted to pop in an give some context for these changes only because we’ve been doing a lot of weapon animation revamps and rebalancing lately, and these might be viewed as those also - but that wasn’t actually our aim here.

We had a handful of weapons with what we considered to be less than acceptable levels of quality on their visual mesh and animation combinations. For this update, we didn’t have more animator time to implement new animations and do a full weapon revamp like we have done with weapons like katanas, hammers, and claws recently. Changing their visuals and animations to use existing assets we had were the best way for us to raise the quality level in a short period of time.

Over time, we would like to continue revisiting different weapon types to update their visuals and gameplay. Eventually we may also get to a point where we can either do a full animation revamp on these weapons as well. In the mean time we probably can make some simple tweaks - the suggestion to speed up the attack window from the draw animation for example is something we can look at really quickly and make it feel better.

Thanks again for the in depth coverage. We always appreciate varied perspectives on the game :)!


Like a cross-attack! Holding the weapons up arms crossed, then slashing donward/down to knock the enemy back and stagger it.
Plus since bleed is nerfed, adding a stack of bleed to that special attack. Or as with the axes, the last 2 heavy adds bleed.


Thanks for coming into the Forum and giving insight and comments. Your appearance is a positive to me and I am sure many others in the community.


So you will also change the 2h spear? Because it is still the best weapon animation wise for PvP… However how it is used (right click + wait a second for the combo chain to reset to do the first right click again) is pretty boring. :confused:


Definitely only where it’s appropriate. Some updates might only slightly adjust some existing weapons to make them easier to use, or consistent with our design style with the new weapon updates.

To be more specific about what I mean there:

  • Updated weapons have infinitely chainable light attacks, so as long as you have stamina you have an option to attack quickly
  • Heavy attacks are a higher bang for your buck in terms of stamina to damage, but typically also cost more time
  • Heavy attack chains are not infinite like light chains are, and their attacks offer a window for enemies to attack you if you committed to a heavy attack and missed

There are more guidelines we follow when we do weapon updates, but for sake of brevity these are the major ones.

Right now we’re working on the next major update and our animators are working on that update with us, so we don’t currently have plans to release any more major weapon animation updates until after 3.0 at the soonest.


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