Are moveset/animation reworks a la greataxe on the table for other weapons?

I’m adoring the greataxe rework, and it has me lamenting how lacklustre and same-y the animation sets of a number of other weapons are right now, namely spears. They’re useful sure, but christ are they boring to watch and play with. Or hand axes and maces, which I’m pretty sure share heavy attack animations. It’d be great to see these weapons become more visually distinct.

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As it goes, I saw a post about a week(/) ago from one of the devs talking about the weapon reworks -

I figure that might interest you :slight_smile:


i miss the old spear and greatsword moveset… they were a lot of fun to play.
Also i’ve always wanted to see another moveset regarding sword+shield, i don’t like that it moves forward so much, its so narrow, slow and lackluster…

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EXACTLY what I was hoping to hear.

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the old spear anims are still in engine, and already on our radar - no promises :eyes:


Is there any word on Javalins finally getting some love as well?

Every dlc and update has left Javalins in the dust, honestly tho it would be nice to see them figure out a light and heavy attack with the throw included, like maybe hold strong attack to charge and release to throw


it’s on our short list, 100%. with any of these updates/revamps though, none are scheduled yet, so it may be something that never happens, it may be something that comes along after the next major feature… priority and scheduling will decide.


You know whenever you pop up unexpectedly and hint at the possibilities of things to come, it really sets my imagination racing. To be honest I really miss the old spear animations too. They just felt more diverse and versatile in engagements. Hey while we are discussing weapon reworks in general den, could I possibly add one further suggestion…? Should you find yourselves doing such reworks one day, could you guys possibly give Crossbows another look over? I know a good few people have said they would like to see them make a comeback (yes Im one of them :slight_smile: ), and others who would love to try them out for the first time .

Ps- den that user avatar is as metal AF! I love it. :smiling_imp: :metal:


My Javelin Improved mod has that :slight_smile:


Instantly jealous lol

Does it work way better with the hold to throw compared to the normal move set?

Not sure what you mean by better. My animation skill is terrible so I have a basically placeholder for the charge throw. But other then that, I suppose its subjective on play style. I actually got the idea to help prevent accidental throws. Now a player has to click two buttons to throw it instead of one, so that prevents most instances of that.

Technically players can still quick throw if they wanted to, might be a tad slower then vanilla. But overall I would say I like the charge mechanic better.


It surely interests me. To bad I don’t go in pc discussions, my apologies @Tephra I lost this wonderful post, but thanks to @DanQuixote I was able to read it, thanks Dan :+1:t6:.
Now I have a question here, if it is allowed from the op ofcurce because it’s a bit of topic.
We had the wonderful addition of crafting claws from low levels in the game, whitch for me is really awesome and so necessary in the game.
The question… Will we be able to fix non legendary dual blades or axes like havoc and malice, or the whirlwind blades in the future? I mean iron or steel, sets of these blades. Their movement set, or animation you name it, is unique like the claws . So I believe it would be fair and super awesome to give us this opportunity Mr @den. Thank you.

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I use your mod for…so long, but I never noticed you can charge the throw :open_mouth:
Is that mean the longer you hold, the stronger it will be?


Ya. Like the bow, the tip of the spear will glow when its at max charge.


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