Dual Swords and Axe animations

First of all, I would like to congratulate the devs for adding dual swords and axes, they’re really lovely, specially the Whirlwind Blades, although, since they’re tied to the dagger move set, I would like to suggest to revert to the old dagger move set, where the 2nd light attack were more straight than the current one, as it seems to be a pommel attack and the 4th heavy attack aswell, seems a bit out of place.

Other than that, thank you, it really feels an agile playstyle.

How do you get dual blades ? You just equip a sword or axe in each hand ? Can you equip a sword in one hand and an axe in the other ? I’d love to to fight with my phoenix sword and a flawless Cimmerian axe while doing backflip to dodge. :grinning:
What’s whirlwind blades ? I didn’t see anything with this name in the feats or blacksmith workstation.

It’s no propper dual wield. The whilwind blades aswell as the dualwield axes are essentially daggers just with different models. And daggers are by default dual wielded.
Unfortunately real dual wielding is not possible (yet?).
For the whirlwind blades you need to obtain the recipe scroll from the unnamed city archive. afterwards you can simply craft them. Same goes for Havoc and Malice, the twin axes.


Correct, it would be good to be able and have free weapon choice like in Neverwinter Nights (the old, not the mmo).

While I like the Whirlwind Blades with the daggers animation, a bit of tweaking would be better looking, cuz visually, even running is a bit awkward, seems like you’re cutting your neck lol.
Havoc and Malice skin is a bit… too much? a steel variant would look better imo, anyway, I hope they come with proper animations for dualwield and continue polishing combat.

I doubt there’s any kind of “yet” about it. All weapons equip to either main hand, off-hand or both hands - but which one is hardcoded, you can’t choose or change this in any way.

A main hand sword and a main hand axe will never be usable together under the current system. Daggers, dual swords or dual axes are all technically speaking two-handed weapons that just happen to look like two separate ones.

I kinda doubt that’s ever going to change.

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It doesn’t have to change though.
If you’re on PC, take a look at how the “Exiled Lands Improved” mod implemented their dual swords and axes. It’s technically still a dagger, but it’s not using the dagger animations which looks far nicer.
It’s a shame since the models for the Whirlwind Blades are rather nice, but with the way they look in combat I’ll probably never use them.

But has anyone really tested the combat “balance” of the mod (or combat mods in general?). IE, if something is done by the DEV for actual game, they try to make it fit and balanced as possible. I could mod a crossbow into the game for PC, but if it is way OP or useless in actual combat, then it is kind of immersion breaking and off the table for everything except RP servers.

I’m speaking purely about the animations, whether they are balanced or not is not for me to decide. The dagger animations simply look too weird with swords or large axes.
And let’s face it…even if overpowered it would at least be a change from the current spear meta :wink:
Of course it would be best if FunCom added those as a new weapon type like they did with the katana, but that may be rather far in the future if it will happen at all.

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Animations play into more than one thinks, and i could see them adding actual dual wield weapon types (like havoc and malice, whirling blades). Do not seeing a major change where i can carry the Drunken sowrd and corrputed axe though. They may be working on them now, just haven’t balanced them, so they released the 2 weapons just to give a glimpse.

Also, Havoc and Malice are 2-0 against the spear meta so far :wink:

the hyper armor is sucha blessing when stacking 5 bleed on them. But i am sure the cheesers will b…h and they will get a nerf on damage.

True dual-wielding would indeed be unlikely to happen, simply due to the way weapons are set up. At least not without another revamp of the combat system (which I think is out of the question).

They can simply change their moveset to be made up from the sword/axe/mace paired with a throwing axe to fix the animation problem. Using the heavy combo from Sword+TA as its light combo, and the heavy combo from either Axe+TA or Mace+TA for its heavy combo. While they are at it, they should also remove the bs hyper armor from the wind up for the first 1h sword heavy attack. The move works as a gap closer, so ffs make it punishable when they do it up close. Everytime I fight a group of thralls with 1h swords, its all they do, poking between attacks in my combo. Its total bs.

the animations are part of it. how do you nerf the damage. The weapons would both be 50+ and possibly 20% armor pen each. do they nerf one, both? A lot to think about if they use existing weapons for dual welding. But creating new off hand weapons, and then applying the mechanics would work i guess. But dual wielding 2 of the existing 1h weapons would take a lot of redesign.

True, and while the new combat was much better than the old one, a revamp to “tweak it” would be good for balance the weapons, and those hitboxes that are a mess.

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