Havoc and Malice feedback and small request

I am surprised at how much I am enjoying this item! The main reason is the damage is good imo, coupled with the bleed and the speed it makes for a ferocious weapon against npcs and bosses. Probably not the best but I am enjoying it allot!

I would like to request a different skin though. The current Ymir religion axe skin is, like all models and textures in this game, really awesome. But I feel that they may look better and look more fitting with a “faster and sharper” look?

If this is merely placeholder for the models please ignore.

More for the artists to do :muscle:

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I think the dagger moves dont fit the weapons (dual axes or dual swords). So new sharped look wont change the weird effect of the weapons.Those combos are made for daggers with one of them upside down. The axes and the swords dont have reversed orientation like the daggers on the idle stance BUT the combos are made for reversed weapons. So the moves with axes/swords looks weird with unlikely juggles, glitching into the character body, and main axe go upside down during combo :

Basicaly, even with a normal orientation for the main hand axe on the idle, it’s just dagger weapon blueprint with axe meshes. I’m sorry but that dont work and smell like unfinished work. Come on Funcom you can do better. :sob:

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I definitely get your point (no pun intended :rofl: ) especially with the great comparison pics. And I do agree that it would be great if they could have a no clipping animation especially for this unique weapon. But I must admit I think it unlikely?
I don’t know how these things work but it will probably take allot of time, time that could rather be spent on more content instead of animations for 2 unique weapons. Unless they plan to bring true dual wielding at some stage? In any case, I would still love to at least see different models eg. The venom infused war axe. Sharp and slick, IMO of course.

I have suggestion to the Devs on that why not use the mechanics of the axe/throwing axe animations for dual wielding instead of daggers.

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