Havoc and Malice 🥲

Will you please for the love of Derketo add a few more duel wielded axes?! I need skins for havoc and malice!

Will exiled lands ever get Chakrams? Have they been added and I don’t know?

Should honestly be able to apply 1H Axe and 1H sword as illusion to the dual wield weapons.

For now, we only have:
• Havoc and Malice
• Whirlwind Blades
• War Sickles (Siptah)
• Hunder Blades (Siptah)
• Serpentes Swords (Siptah)

The skins they use are just recycled items:
• Foeshatter
• Drunkard’s Blade / Tulwar of Amir Khurum
• Star Metal Sickle
• Severer / Razor-Sharp Axe
• Iron Short Sword

→ But anyway, I get not letting us apply sickles or other tools as illusions for instance, but specifically for the dual wield category, it would be very nice to be able to apply 1H Sword and 1H Axe as illusions.


I main Whirlwind Blades, and I wouldn’t mind more illusion options being available, but honestly, the Whirlwind Blades look so good already, I doubt I would ever use anything different.

Iron Short Sword.


So sad about the Serpentes Swords.
Why not use the model for Serpentmen Swords?
We see them dual wielding anyway.

Dual Axe/Sword is a category that really needs more love.
As do claws/punch Knives
This one had hoped that in a hypothetical Age of War they would have included fleshing those groups out as part of the content update. Weapons being the tools of war and all, as well as expanding the list of weapons available from Dragon Bone, Black Ice, and Obsidian.
This one was partial to Dragon claws, Black Ice Shortswords, and Obsidian Katanas (for very bad joke reasons) as the expansions.

That so many promising things are left to languish, especially when pertinent to the Age in question, while other ideas are prioritized has left this one less than enthused with the direction of development.

If possible, look for a modder to help, they seem to care what the people playing the game actually want.
If on Console or Officials… this one shares your plight.


Yesss and I don’t play siptah. I want chakrams on exiles lands also. Havoc and malice always been my favorite weapon but it is squishy I know. I know I can deal more damage other ways but I just love them. I also said the same thing about applying 1 handed axes to duel wielded. It makes sense.

Definitely official servers ps4 lmfaooooo for years and years now lol. I’ve seen it all yes.

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