Lets talk about sheathing animations

OK I just watched this and gotta say…Wha? The majority of the animations are just reversing of the readying of the weapon with only two that got the unique treatment, daggers and katana. Both of these are agility weapons so I’m not sure why they got the special treatment over all others or why just the special treatment for agility brand weapons over strength. Just seems scattered and not particularly balanced between the play styles. I would have said do either one of these and the 1H ax or even 1H mace (so that thralls could do it) if there was a limit. The others just feel like it was literally reversed engineered from the animations you have now.

Just my two cents.

Courtesy of @Wak4863


Yeah. I think they wanted to deliver something tangible in this patch besides just a bunch of bugs fixes and this was pretty straightforward to do.

Too bad they didn’t complete the feature though and cover all weapons and transitions between different weapons and tools.

No dual axe animation demonstration! :eyes:

@Wak4863 needs to fire his Discord community for neglecting to remind him about them.

Well, looks smooth enough, the katana and the knives sheathing animations looks pretty good, the rest is relatively straight forward.

I see Wak went for a bit of jazz, I found myself zoning out to it. Though that might also have been those mushrooms I had earlier.

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Obviously someone at Funcom loves daggers.

As for the Katana…
If there were a scabbard, it would be nifty.
As is… Um… What the cluck is this one watching?

Most of them are just a reverse of their readying animation, which is fine. A nice touch.

The daggers being spun reminded this one of Robocop in the best possible way.

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This only emphasizes why I still don’t want to have unwielded weapons visible on my character:

What sort of magnetic clamp do these characters have on their backs to make those weapons float there, not attached to anything? Most of those animations make it very clear that the laws of physics were never a consideration.


From what I understand the main purpose of it was performance and optimization and nothing to do with eye-candy :stuck_out_tongue:
A lot of them just ran at really poor fps etc. so they’re fixing it for their “trying to squeeze the game back into PS4” patch

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This truly is the Age of Sorcery! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Star metal is actually magnetic and sticks to human :smiley: iron contains small traces of it too, that’s just star metal that’s past its warranty :joy:

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but they did add eye-candy which increases the load on the game/system (obviously not significantly but if the goal was to reduce the load, adding stuff isn’t the right direction)

Now the question is how much time did these animations take if the majority was just the reverse of the readying. I mean I appreciate the attempt but come on…it was rushed and not their best work. As everyone has said, the new monetization has expectations by the customer now. If people are dropping over $100 each quarter (as Wak did), there is a much higher standard of the content that is provided, both paid and base game.


It’s better than nothing.
What can we expect from a 6~7 years old game anyway.

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The same quality level as Fortnite if I am paying the same as I did for that game with battle passes etc. I defended the new monetization because it’s simply like gravity now in online games. But that also comes with a higher level of expectations that I believe I have been patient with. This was one of those, come on people! I know they are better than this! You can’t tell me that the same energy that went into the zombie skin when into these animations.


I don’t think you understand what I was trying to say, it’s quite the opposite.
Some of the old animations were very poorly made and too performance intensive or simply too low FPS by design. So this is actually correcting a bug so the game runs better on consoles. That was their main intention with this from what I gathered, creating smoother running animations and not necessarily “different” ones, sure they took some artistic approach with 2 of them, but even those run better than the old ones did.

So while a topic discussing how “cool” they are or how satisfactory of a job they did visually is fair enough, but that wasn’t their purpose with this so we’re judging them a bit out of context, that’s what I was trying to say. :slight_smile:
Ofc I could be very well wrong and it could be that their animation person was simply bored :man_shrugging:


Ah. I see and thanks for the deeper explanation.

Still doesn’t excuse the lack of creativity they showed in it but does explain why it could be lumped into the theme of efficiency in this release.

Just because the main point was efficiency, doesn’t mean they couldn’t give it flair. The katana and dagger ones proved it could be done.

Which leads me to another hypothesis on this…perhaps this was split up and the overachiever that did the katana and daggers upped the game and broke the curve. Which if that is the case, they should get a bonus.


That is definitely true :slight_smile:

let the overachiever be praised! :slight_smile:


Just an aside, but this one believes we will start seeing what the monetization is funding in the next Chapter (not Season) if not the Chapter after that. These things take time. As this one understands it, the big included content upgrades were intended to be released when Ages turn. At the point that the new monetization dropped, Age of Sorcery was probably largely finished, at least in concept. During Age of Sorcery, the next Chapter is in the works, it’s concept likely already existent and roughed up before Season 1 ended. Perhaps if the rush of cash was front loaded, the next Age could see it’s benefits. Otherwise, it might be Chapter 3 when we really see the impact of whatever purchases have been made.

Simply put, more ambitious projects require more staff. Staff must be vetted and given some familiarization with the product. They must also be budgeted for. Budgets, especially when other parties have a controlling interest, are fickle things. So what is a realistic expectation for an independent team, is quite the contrary for a wholely owned subsidiary. It is unfortunate.

This one does sympathize with your frustrations. However, this one has been part of a few production affairs and they do not turn on a dime, nor is their acceleration much to write home about, but they can come to a complete stop quickly.

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