[REVIEW] Katana

I just wanted to take the time and comment on your new patch for the Katana.

Thank you for making yet another weapon useless.
I am one of the very few Katana mains, that understood how to use it. You completely utterly destroyed the wonderful weapon that was the Katana.

But honest, why would i except anything good from this company anymore.
It would be a waste of my time, to explain how you destroyed the mechanics, the finesse, and utility of this weapons.

Clap… Clap clap.

I am happy they fixed this broken weapon.

It’s good that the 100% aim exploit (aka first person exploit) is gone now and that the permanent hyper armor is also gone. And that combo multipliers won’t affect the charge anymore.

It could use a bit more range now and then it’s fine.

Katana is a fun weapon, especially for those who know
how to use it, it is not broken overpowered weapon nor the meta in PvP.

For the incoming patch, I have mixed feeling…sheathed and new sprint attack for katana is cool and all but the attack animations are super clunky and heavy attacks speed is just horrible, it looks like they are trying to recreate the heavy attack animations from how Conan practicing sword(?)
I’m no expert, but the new animations feel like an insult to the katana culture…and somehow the charge combos are also messed up again.

This is nowhere near ‘fixed’, if the combo multipliers gone, there is no reason to use this weapon anymore besides you are just bored or want to look like a Samurai with sheathed katana, and I highly doubt if this is intended.

But hey, this is still in Testlive and they stated that the rest of the combos (presumably the whole thing) are being worked on, so let’s wait for the final product.

Yea, your comments are so far off.
It is funny to have someone that has no idea what they are talking about, act like they know something.
But you do you, you is strong, smart, and skilled.

To me it seems weak fighters absolutely love and want this kind of broken stuff in game, because they arent skilled enough to keep hitting, dodging, predicting, outsmarting the enemy.

Katanas were broken, same with bows and horse lance.

What a great and exciting PvP experience in this game we have that requires soooo much skill! /s


Bows/horse lance are debatable

But I’m curious how did katanas involve in this…
asides from the exploit, which is not intended and fixed(?) on Testlive, I have never seen katanas were the meta in any patches, it is still viable but only if the opponent is weaker not the other way around,
you bring a katana against a stronger opponent then you are a dead meat.
So how is katana broken or ‘‘fixed’’ precisely ? Do you see how self-contradictory in your posts ?

I wonder whose fault is this…

Because one hit killing someone who is using a META build is bad game design.

Katanas were situational, but broken. In close quarters, Katanas were strong. In other situations they were so bad barely anyone used them. But when the situation has come, you could oneshot a player with your Katana. Even if that player has 40 vitality and 70% damage reduction.

Here is a clip, of a situation were Katanas were useful and too strong (I had 50 Vitality and 70% DR):

And yeah the exploit is fixed on testlive :slight_smile:

What is wrong with the weapon that only shines in close quarters, you said it yourself
that it is situational and I agreed, but at the price that most of the time, the weapon
is somewhat weak in general. Situationals created more playstyles imo,

I watched the clip and as I suspected that you were killed by a charged katana, skillful player or not, backed to a vault…but it is not your fault right ? it is the weapon that is broken!

To be fair he did charge up to the final combo, saying it is one hit kill (and your hp ain’t full) is not entirely true.

You didn’t look at the big picutre or even have a little thought for PvE or overall for the weapon.
Yeah, let’s get rid of it and have less and less


EDIT : that guy was already built up to the 4th charge and predicting that you will come in his way +close quarter (to a vault)

talk about predicting huh? you weren’t even aware that you are about to be slice in half…


Now I’m interested in a not-so-required situational weapon that deals such damage plus build-in poison
and from a character with 50 vit.

Funcom: “Oh, our Katana weapon type is so bad. Let’s buff it so it oneshots and let’s hope it will become useful then.”

Also Funcom: “Hey, let’s increase the grind for armor/weapons by changing the game’s economy completely.”

Losing something that you worked several hours for in a split second because you did a small mistake is bad game design. This explains why most people play PvE. This also explains why the player numbers are so low on Steam for Conan Exiles.

This was a 5v5v5 fight. 3 clans battling each other. He didn’t wait for me there.

No, I maybe had 0.75 seconds to see him standing there. My attention was somewhere else. Pardon me for being human and doing mistakes and getting punished with insta death instead of going down to 10% HP so I can actually react. I hope you get my point.

Yeah, if you would play PvP you would know that this is a display bug. This is actually the cumulative damage he received over the last 2 seconds from me and my teammates. It appears when you hit something, wait until the HP bar disappears and then hit it again after something/someone else damaged the target.
Actually, this not only happens in PvP but also PvE.

I am done here now. Discussing with people who don’t play PvP like this is a waste of time.

It seems like you already knew they were using katanas.

Again, calling it oneshot is exaggerated plus your hp ain’t even full… not to mention it has to be very situational to perform that.

Uh what? I have seen numbers of people trying to use ‘decrease number of players as an argument’ which is hilarious.

Nevertheless, he did build up to the final combo and succuessfully performed on you, that accounted for some predictions involved.

Another nevertheless, spears are still stronger than katanas and don’t require situational to shine.

Again, you didn’t look at the big picutre or even have a little thought for PvE or overall for the weapon.


This is where you put a snippy and edgy sentence at the end of the post.


Welcome to the community, shadow warrior.

Because he’s waiting for you around the edge of the vault, you only have a tiny, narrow window to see him. Anyone could miss him, especially since you were about to obscure your view further with inventory hud. If you hadn’t been so frugal with your potions I would like to have seen whether that charge was in fact survivable. And it’s probably not worth simulating now that the katana is changed again. Thanks for sharing.

I think it took a few back and forths to get the katana to where it is on Live. Please, OP and other katana users, help shape the process while it’s still in TestLive. I have a Musashi’s Black Blade I’d like to take out of the shrink wrap.


I remember I thought about using a potion there, but usually I heal up with food. I was at about 70% HP. This means he did at least 70% of 628 or ~440 damage points (most likely even more) to my character.

I tested Katanas back then. I used one with 50 Strength and could 1 hit-kill players with 40 Vitality and 70% damage reduction with a full charge of the 4th chain in the combo (highest combo-chain multiplier).

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If you all want to actually see the dmg the Katana does outside of testlive. Use Hosav’s UI. It will show dmg number pop ups that show what is going on.

Katana on live if doing the 3x light attack then charge heavy will do three digit dmg 3-5x on the charge hit. This is akin to the last hit of a combo on a two-handed weapon hitting you 3-5x in a single attack.

I don’t really have a comment on how good or bad that is to pull off in PVP, but I can say that its broken as hell in PVE. But is fun to see a group of NPCs pop at the same time when you do that.

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Youre right, everyone is looking for the easy win button, spear user. i mean, every single weapon that takes one click to do 90% of your style of combat. where as the VERY few that use the spears 10% other utilities. But even they are 99% of script users and glitchers and lag masters.
but hey.
You want to remove a weapon from the game that has a 4th combat continuational strike. that needs 3 attacks to use before you can use a 4th dash attack. Nice. because either youre blind and cant see 3 strikes. or LAG wins, as it does in all fights. and you get hit by an attack you didnt count because of.
If that is your defense to the katana, Youre a “insert something that will get me banned again here”
Which just So you know, “inserted thing here” the new Katana DIDNT remove this. so continue to QQ more about something, THAT I DONT GIVE A FLYING FK about.

You come here telling me what im complaining about, as though YOU know anything at all about the weapon you are bishing about.

IM here tell the morons that took a weapon of SKILL, that is now no longer really but a standard weapon of choice that is no different then the magically spear of poke poke.

If their goal is to DUMB down weapons, then Congrats on doing so.

This Patch doesnt hurt me, Im good at this game. be it any weapon. But the Katana was challenging weapon of constructed game play, ihwhich you needed to set up every single combo and movement to create your style of death.

You wish to talk to a PvPer, i would delete 99% of the people in here without the 4th dash, it is fun and funny to kill said player with it? absolutely, but it took more skill to get a calculated strike than any other weapon to do so. but that is beyond the point of this THREAD.

Im sorry, you are mad at deaths that you are not able to calculate or see coming. it is normal for standard players. but for the few, 4th dash isnt easy to be hit by.

Ive played with the Katana since it started, it was never “buffed” it has always been. And once again, the 1shot, isnt what makes it powerful. which if you knew anything about the weapon, would know that. but youre here to complain about something you died to and are unable to counter.

As for “real” bugs and glitches and such, im all for removing, fixing. the 1% of the Elites they all are script bug cheating bastards that have an Epeen the size of “your mom jokes”.

Im not saying the new Combat Katana is or isnt strong, As i can see it right now, it is even more powerful then the old Katana. (which your now asking WTF if it is more powerful why are you complaining???) thats a good question.

Depending on the Forward step in the Katana attack, will determine if the Katana is worth a damn in PvP. Becuase lets face it, NO ONE with any common sense will stand still to be hit more than 1-3 times in a row. that is just beyond stupid right?

So here is the kick, the new animation has no forward motion in its attack. which means follow up is very difficult. Inwhich if you strike, and someone rolls away or moves away, the Lag that is in this games will allow the other player to not be hit easily by the second following hit, EVEN if you take a step forward then strike with combo 1 left. by that time that lag or player will have moved away and the Shadow of that player will be hit and not the player it self. which is BAD.
This is the REASON why spears are so powerful. the reach of the weapon hits the SHADOW as well as the PLAYER, which does connected damage. and not just Magical blood with no damage.

As a Katana main, it is nearly impossible to finish someone off with the blade. This doesnt mean you dont have peel or the chance they get stuck or poison to death. what what it means is that running targets are not possible to hit, as the reach of the weapon isnt very long. And ofc the better the PING the better the chance of hitting. Hence why Dogs of Desert is a garbage server for anyone that isnt EU. 30ping is fast, 120-300 is SLOW, meaning you have to double your play vs a EU player.
The reason i add that comment, is because in RAIDs it is endless lag wars, which means durring raids pings are normally high. which makes hitting things more difficult with short reach weapons.
Now your asking but ive seen other weapons used, if you REALLY want my comment on that ill answer it, but for this Thread it is pointless.

So now ill continue with my Point.

Keep in mind i havent 100% tested it, as PvP is needed.
NEW Katana; Seems to have a short reach, which is BAD, It also has Short step, which is BAD, the quick lightning strikes, are fast, which is GOOD, but this also means the likely hood is that they weakened the damage of the strike, in turn, means that when you hit a player you will be doing less damage as they ROLL away from the 2-3 hit, meaning that my 80-100 Damage, is now 60damage (untested). And hitting that second 60 isnt likely, vs HIGH level players. and im not interested in lowbie fighters, they kill themselves. so who cares.
So if my 1left is weaker and faster, it is ONLY going to be good if the animation is also fast ending. meaning that it will allow me to hit once and move to follow the player.
If this is the case, the Katana is stronger, Even if the forward step is taken away.
This is basically making a Mace, type style combat, WE ALREADY have that. i shouldnt have to run up hit and repeat, THAT IS GARBAGE.

The Old Katana, added an element, to the game style that ONLY those that mastered it, can use it correctly. and im not interested in explaining what would take me well over and hour of just TALKIN, and writing it down.

If they change the weapon, they change it, Ill become stronger. and lose interest in the weapons because im not interested in EASY weapons.

The New 2hand War Axe, will likely become my new play toy, as it is a Very good weapon design.

No, I came here to provide my opinion on the Katana change(s).

Spear is still the best weapon to use in PvP. It doesn’t mean it’s the most exciting to use (look at my video demonstrating that)

Let’s wait for the rework on the spear from Funcom (I heard it was planned). I personally dropped the game for a few months now, because it’s really boring to play now. I am waiting for Naraka: Bladepoint to come out in August (I already played the beta and it was FUN).

Hence I wrote in my initial post:

Ah US player. I have yet to see good US players. The only one I know is @TheReaperOfChess. And he fought vs. me on Dogs of the Desert training server DESPITE the ping.

Well, you wasted the time of us readers who expected to find a review of the katana because you put a [REVIEW] tag to your title.

If you intend to give feedback on the Feedback forum, it might be better to calm down until you can actually bother to write feedback rather than angry white noise.

Your later reply to Barnes was what you should’ve started this thread with. Although still seemingly biased because you’re upset about the changes, at least you’re making an effort to explain the weaknesses of thenew attack pattern.


Ah thank you <3 all positivity here man. I have improved alot since then we should rematch sometime. I can try hard XDDD I enjoy playing at disadvantages, it makes you a better player that being a Ping difference or a Number difference. It makes you adapt and not panic in situations <3… i agree with almost everything you have said. Especially on the Bow and the Lance being a problem. I am glad to see other great PvP’ers and Great PvP names on this forum to spread awareness on these problems as to find solutions.

P.S. I am really excited for the war axe animation going to the scythe… ima be playing like a noob and main that wep and get good with it watch ahaha


Hehe :slight_smile:

Well, I will most likely not play Conan in the near future. A new game will come out soon, so I will stick with that.

Since we are here in a Katana thread, what do you think about the new animations of the Katana ?