Fix Katanas (Special attacks)

This might be an unpopular opinion but i’ve been trying to play on a pvp server normally but after quite some time i came to a opinion about katanas:

EDIT: The issue where Katanas deal multiple hits with dash attacks has been fixed in current testlive

they deal too much damage with special attack for example i’ve seen people run around in a 20 Agi/20 Vit/20 Grit plus have Skelos Master Armor on with Agi Dmg Buffs which comes to a 40%-70% Dmg buff and then they start doing a combo 4 Light attacks and then a Special after the Light attacks i was like ok im fine but then they target me and do the Special and there i was down to 100 Hp from 700 Hp in a Redeemed Legion Armor but if i didnt Have last Stand i would’ve just died after that because he started the same Combo right after the Special so i tried to Axe him and he gets no Stagger and does the Special attack through me leaving me dead i guess i could’ve used the 20 Grit perk where i dont lose more than 25% Hp but it probably wouldnt even help much as he would just spam that combo until im dead and attacking him did also not help as he didnt get staggered even once while im getting fully staggered

There was a thread started by SirDaveWolf on this very topic a little while ago (maybe a month), alas my forum-fu is feeble and I cannot find it to link it. One thing I recall was some delving in the dev kit (probably by Xevyr) turned up that the katana finisher is multiple hits and so it doesn’t get stopped by steel thewed.

Thing is that the katana always had this. It’s a hard one to set up since the weapon is clearly a katana and so you roll out when you see that special move gets activated. In PVE, it really shines because AI is dumb but when you get more familiar with the move set, there are glaring weaknesses to it.

I think what makes the katana stronger in 3.0 is that it’s an agility weapon and the level 15 agility perk means you can stack attacks faster than others can. Maybe switch it to strength and move spear to agility?

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Drawbridges were in the game like this for 4 years. They changed them after 4 years because they realised how OP they were HP wise.

Horses were 2 years too strong. They fixed them after 2 years.

It is pretty common that Funcom does not see these things by themselves. So players need to point that out.


yeah good point.

What I think would be good is to quicken the heavy attacks somewhat and turn special into a block.

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It would be enough if you could just stagger them out of the charge attack.

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Here you go:

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Thank you Sir! I was a little hesitant to @SirDaveWolf you but it seems to have worked out.

What players want:

What FC is probably gonna do:
Nerf it to oblivion like Crom Sword.


They seem to be unable to do proper balance changes. The only thing they seem to know is: “nerf into the ground”:


I would leave the special attack as it is - an attack. But the multiple hits is kind of weird.
If you think, ingame you dash through an enemy, as opposed to attacks that hit the enemy in one relative small area, so the multiple hits make sense.
But logically (IRL) you just can’t dash through something without slicing it into two. And enemies don’t fall apart when you do so in Conan. But it is a game, does not have to be over-realistic.
Plus balace-wise it is on the little too much side despite the fact that in my opinion it makes sense to having multiple hits with that attack. Does so much damage, I killed a croc world boss with 5 combo. Kind of reminds me the choo choo veterinarian which has a crippling shouting and a fire beam out of its hand and both of them is capable of taking world bosses’ HP by 25% in one attack. (I hope FC will not remove these two attacks, because they can be easily interrupted and have a pretty long prep-time.)

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IRL you can’t just dash FROM A STANDING POSITION. It is physically IMPOSSIBLE.


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Hahaha!! Don’t let the wording fool you on that one.
There’s 2 possibilities :slight_smile: They either “fixed” the part that they did intentionally and made the dash identical to the regular one: aka. nerfed the weapon to the ground
Or: They actually took the time to rework it and “fixed” the multiple hits they did intentionally, but at least compensated for it from the multiplier

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Only the dash (after 3 light attacks obviously)

So it’s the second version then? Hmm…

As reference:

Well I’m doing near 1k on red mom with full charge with 4L,1S About 800 or so on guard of flame for immediate 3L,1S.

“dash” is that running during the attack or some other movement?
So 3 light attacks then run while attacking?

Oh, so you’re just using a pretty OP katana and essentially it’s the first version then.
Anyway, I can now store my useless katana in my useless white tiger :joy: while farming armor for the zombies

If you’re doing that on testlive then maybe they did change the charge-up curve or the multiplier to compensate - Your post appeared while making mine :smiley:

It’s the one you can charge up by holding the block key and then attacking while holding it

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