Katana does too much damage

The dash of the katana can do more than 700 damage in “1 hit”. Actually those are multiple hits.

You basically start chaining with 3 light attacks and then perform a dash with the offhand key. If you hit your enemy, you have a high chance of killing them in 1 blow.

My proposition here is to remove the high damage from the dash, make the dash quicker to perform and do normal damage and also allow it to cripple and apply bleed.

Here are some video examples:

20 Vitality with Redeemed Legion Heavy (1455 armor, 74% damage reduction)

20 Vitality + 20 Grit (Perk that only allows you to get 25% damage) with Redeemed Legion Heavy (1455 armor, 74% damage reduction)

Some ingame scenarios:


This again? I thought you said you’re not trying to get things nerfed :slight_smile:

Again… those are perfect scenarios and they don’t happen all the time. Goomba-stomping and the double range for spears is 10 times more OP.

Like we discussed in the other thread, this requires perfect setup just like you illustrate in your video, and even there you literally picked the distance where it does the most damage… one step closer or further from your enemy on that first video and it doesn’t even do half the damage and you know that :slight_smile:

Like we get it, it sucks when you die in PvP, are you going to make a thread about it every single time you accidentally die to someone using a katana?


So fixing katana to not doing multiple hits in a launch is nerfing? No it’s fixing a bug.

Same was with Lance it made multiple hits in one charge.


It’s not a bug… we investigated it last time in the other thread… it’s 100% intentional, so no, it’s not like what the lance had


“We” do?

History is my guide. Whenever things like this have cropped up, they need to be covered at length until they’re fixed. There are literally dozens of ways to induce the scenario in the video, and Dave is the last guy to be complaining about being killed.

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Again… it’s not a bug… Go check out the other thread… I investigated the code behind it at length… the devs set up actual Combo Rules for it so that it’s purposely stronger when it’s a 4th hit finisher… and that one has a separate animation with a different kind of notify so it does hits on every collision notify… it is 100% a feature not a bug… and without that the katana is quite weak.


Kinda. In one hit you make mutltiple hits in once.

I get it, it must suck to must have a weapon that’s so strong that it can 1 hit people. :slight_smile:

Lightning Storm was 100% intended and they nerfed it.

Not being entitled to pick up skinned items is also 100% intentional, but Dennis owned it and they are planning to fix it. Health bars for PvP was 100% intentional but Dennis owned it and intends to fix it. Etc.

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Speaking of one-trick ponies :slight_smile:
Wanna see something cool?

Which weapon do you think gets the most extra range from setting the range of all weapons to 2x? :slight_smile: “for now”…
Edit: In case anybody finds this in the future with google.
This is value is actually not used for attacks, only as a maximum range against buildings (possibly more relevant for creatures than players at that).

All weapons of the same type have a standardized reach, regardless of the model. Spears just have an overly generous one by default

Its not asking for a nerf but more like a fix :+1:t2:

True but its there and I don’t think Funcom intended it this way, especially when it makes the Grit 20 perk useless.

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Except for that bug that was doing like 150k damage randomly. If they had just fixed that and the LoS issue, it would’ve been fine. Instead they nerfed it into the ground.

A similar word of caution for requesting a nerf to the katana, or any nerf for that matter. Funcom won’t just made a small balance adjustment. They’ll nerf it into uselessness. Look at the Sword of Crom and the cursed Godbreaker weapons.


It’s not about that… I’m just tired of PvP players instantly crying for a nerf every time they dislike something or it doesn’t fit their playstyle…

And it’s ONLY then… because if something is indeed broken and grants a real advantage… then they shut up about it and embrace it and use it to gain the advantage… It’s only when they don’t want to bother… because it’s not REALLY broken… they just don’t want it used against them… that’s when they complain… and they do it without any regard for any other player or any other mode of the game.

It needs to stop… If you really think it’s broken… think of suggestions that make it really balanced… and ONLY for PvP, without ruining it for PvE… and not just “how to get rid of a thorn in your side”


I wouldn’t really request a nerf, that’s not my bag. Instead I’d request a balance pass, accomplished after 5-6 hours’ worth of playing with the Katana. For instance like when the dev team created the new movesets that we all asked for. That was successful, but it took time.

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How will a katana balance ruin for PVE?

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I apologize if it seemed like that section about requesting nerfs was aimed at you, @Barnes, because that wasn’t my intention. It was mostly a general word of caution to anyone reading it.

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Not at all. We must all bear in mind the sad tale of the Lifeblood Spear. :headstone:


I was having such a good day, and then you had to go and make me cry :joy:

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The fact that lifeblood spear is still talked about. Just let it go already

I don’t like nerfs too so yeah I get you

However in Sir’s example the damage is almost the same even with the max 25% damage perk (grit) because it hits multiple times, a player can’t counter this and there’s the pain with the Katana being too strong.

I don’t mind if the damage is this high, but I do mind a player can’t even counter it with the grit perk.
If they only change it to only 1 hit instead of multiple hits its not even a nerf in PvE and the damage can still be the same (unless the grit perk is involved).

Its not a weird question since its 1 continues animation and it should only do damage 1 time.

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I like the Katana. I like to keep it as is… :military_helmet:
(I wrote much more. But preferred to delete it again, because this kind of discussion was lead a thousand times, and will always be without conclusion)