Have you Nerfed the Katana already?

So i played on your test live server for a few days and was really enjoying the combat with the Katana, I went to help some friends on a pvp server and when i played on test live again the Katana seemed much different… The charged heavy attack seemed to take way less stamina but also did WAYYYY less damage at the same time… The damage the katana had this past weekend felt very realistic for the weapon being used, now the katana just feels like a waste, why would you waste time with a katana that needs 15 fully charged power attacks to take down a brown bear when i could just equip a 2 handed sword and take it down in 1 heavy combo…!!! You need to restore whatever changes you made to the Katana or the whole thing will just be a waste of time…

They fixed thw bug that made the dash do triple damage, that is what you are noticing.

well now the weapon is next to useless

Not if you know how to use it ^^

From the patch notes thread:

  • Fixed an issue where the Katanas quick-draw attack would deal different damage to targets based on the distance to them

As you can see, the katana damage was bugged. However, we do care about your feedback and we will absolutely take it into consideration :slight_smile:

I never had that happen for me though. I really dont like being stuck at some point - I mean we cant even rotate, though I dont know if that has been changed. I like to use it after having pulled some enemy using archery and then switch over at medium distance to charge the katana and finally switching to some last melee weapon.
Though I dont yet know if I might return to full archery… :smiling_imp:

I did saw that a fully charged katana attack used to deal 60-80% of the targets HP - but that required a full charge - low charge only dealt like 20-30%, which is fine IMO. If damage has been nerfed on top, that might be needed to be overthought to not create a underpowered weapon.

We haven’t touched the damage numbers on the katana. We just fixed a bug :slight_smile:

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please add steel and hardened steel recipes if the damage is intended to be this way…

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