Katana and Bows



So after testing it out so far not extenstively for days yet but so far I Love the Power shot on the heavy. I like watching my arrow fly straight and watching head goes pop and i did this with dragonbone bow , dragonbone arrow, with max accuracy and some strength… Wow You could actually be an archer and win fights.

(CTrl Button)

What i dont like is the Kick button firing off an arrow (left ctrl key). It would be good to have the kick still there to push off foe or do a leg sweep with it to knock down melee foes to the ground.


The Katana While cool… why are we pulling it out of a no sheathe… it look like we are slicing our hand open… lol ? And the sword swing is Way Too slow Like I Can imagine myself being Poke to death before getting a swing off.

(heavy attack button)

A change id like to see is instead of a Power strike on the heavy… make it shield like Parry. So that you could Parry and then swing. To stagger the enemy enough to be able to swing at them.


Also The Dash attack is a little Awkward to use. Like Cool but id would move this to a light attack hold only and if not holding continue to do light combo.


Thanks for the feedback. We hope to get some more reports and feedback on how the changes feel :slight_smile:

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If anything needs adjusting it is the light attacks, the light attacks seem almost useless compared to the heavy… The heavy attack is the only attack that is making the Katana useful…

The light attacks are slow and do not stagger the enemy at all leaving you open to be interupted while attacking…

but so far this Katana is the coolest weapon Conan has added and I have been apart of this game since day 1 of EA…


I never said to get rid of the heavy attack simply moving it to a light attack hold / release. keeping light attack as normal quick slashes and a Hold to start the dash attack.

As someone who PvPs a lot, the katana does seem super sluggish. I’m on console so I can’t really test it, but from what I’m reading and watching in videos, it doesn’t seem like something anyone would use in a PvP fight.

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  • The katana light attack combo is frontal set of attacks with a fair amount of forwards motion. The light attack finisher does damage equivalent to the heavy finisher of other weapons and applies bleed.
  • The first light attack comes out very fast.
  • Katanas do not have a heavy combo. Instead they can be charged with the Heavy Attack button in a special stance that leads into a very quick dash-attack. This dash-attack does more damage the longer the Heavy Button is held and is released by pressing the Light Attack button while in the special stance.
  • Katana dash-attack goes through targets, ignoring collision. It’s a powerful tool to escape tight situations, even when not fully charged.
  • Katana dash-attacks can be used as a wildcard replacement for any combo step. This means you can use it as an opener, a link or a finisher and combine it freely with any of the light attacks.

Okay here are my suggestions to the new archtype. Katanas are much lighter than longswords. You don’t stab and slay through your enemys but with powerfull dashes and quick strickes your opponent don’t see coming. Your approach goes in the right direction but I would like to see two things changed/addjusted:

  • Remove armor penetration completely for above reasons.
  • Quicken the second light attack like 25% and the last two about 50%.

Hopefully steel and hardened steel recipes will be added when this goes live??

going from Iron to Star Metal is quite the jump


build please, i’m bow user but want try combine with katana… thanks before

Omg I was told we couldn’t use skills with it as a sub.
Yea, ima go get a fkn katana…

We added this to it would be easier to fire off power shots with a controller. Now you can just hit RT-LT instead of RT-RB on a controller :slight_smile:

Thralls seem to have accuracy problems with the heavy attacks of bows when shooting from different heights (especially aiming downwards from bases etc) with most shots often going way above the targets’ heads (similar problem to archery changes way back in the early access days)

Katana’s Heavy attacks seem a bit overpowered, and I don’t mean that in the sense of how they work. I can use a heavy attack and deal nearly full damage from almost no time charging the attack, dealing around 6-7 hits worth of light combos in a split second to several enemies in front of me. I think the heavy attack seems to be hitting enemies multiple times as you dash through them, such as hitting each of the front & back legs of say mammoths in 1 attack, counting as 4 hits. If this is intended then katanas will probably become the new META for PvE fights, as for PvP I only play on singleplayer so can’t say how effective they are.

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Strange. For me when I charged for low time I only dealt medium damage. When charging the attack, I get similar results as you.

Speaking of charged attacks. It feels akward to me to unleash the powershot with a light attack instead of the old way (just releasing the heavy attack). But I guess it wont take long until it feels natural.

As someone on console, it doesn’t seem like much of an issue. Middle finger on trigger, index on bumper.

If you have arthritis or struggle with finger dexterity it might be difficult.

I can see the point for consoles but for PC we have no way to block with the bow this is bad for close combat if you get rushed or surprised around a corner.

Maybe switch the buttons when the bow is out? Kick with R1 and shoot with L2? Plus if someone has arthritis, I highly recommend a scuff controller.

But I’m glad funcom is looking out for everyone :blush:

I haven’t tried the Katana yet, but I did want to say thank you for the Bow changes. They are awesome!

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Looks to me none of you have ever been to a Japanese sword class. Well Ive been in class for over 10 years now, and these moves are perfect kata and stance using cutting forms right out of the Iaito text book.

For the guy that said remove the armor penetration. I dare you to dawn chain mail, knight armor, even modern body armor and let me strike you with a Shubu Zukori.
Here is mine, with a history lesson included free.


We did not have any medieval armor to test, but we did hack the heck out of modern day body armor. My Master cut a kevlar helmet clean thru.

So leave the armor pen in thank you

In the light attack, the final action is called a chabti (sorry Japanese spelling isnt my bag)
The sword cleaning move. It should have been O-chabti, the formal clean, but what the heck.
Maybe a second year student.

Just some quick notes.
1.modern Body armor is made to be resistant to peircing such as bullets or knives, not hard two handed slashing attacks. Full plate or plate and chain, heck even paper armor ( seriously watch the mythbusters episode its hillarious) would fair far better because the design of those armors is to absorb and/or deflect slashing/swinging strikes, although the point of armor is to save you from a fatal blow if it does hit you, not for you to stand there and get smashed.

  1. The armor in conan exiles is mostly armor more fitting for deserts where you have to balance protection against heat, or is a more tribal affair made with materials available, thus the armor penetration makes sense.

Edit: Realized this may have come off as condescending, I didnt mean it that way, Just wanted to clarify that modern body armor is not meant to fend off attacks from swords, in fact body armor tends to come in two forms, one for resistance to bullets, and one for resistance to knives, and even then stab vests tend to be ineffective against things like punch knives or spike knives.

That is sort of the point. You can’t block with the bow on PC either.

I can see the point for consoles but for PC we have no way to block with the bow this is bad for close combat if you get rushed or surprised around a corner.

That is sort of the point. You can’t block with the bow on PC either.

I am one with weird ideas.

As for a special attack… :thinking: …! :smiling_imp:
Since we are likely to have some of these arrows which are attached to our bow in the inventory, what about grabbing one of them and poking them into the enemy? (We would hold the bow in the left hand and attack with the arrow in the right hand.) It would be a straight forward pointing attack with no aoe at all and deal ranged damage despite being melee. Maybe twice the arrow damage and applying their special effects if there are any.
The arrow might be used up by that.