New moveset for Katanas heavy attack

The iaito slash attack is cut and weebish and all, but I don’t think every single katana needs it.
Also, they should apply bleed on more attacks, not only the finisher.

Given the greatsword will be getting a heavy downward slash with ctrl (usually used as a kick move), I think katana could have a heavy chain created with the current heavy attack being its ctrl attack. Katana should be quick slashes and mobility, and leaving the kick doesn’t seem fitting when you can slash through them with the charge attack bypassing their defense.

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The slash-dash attack does feel like a gimmick, but on the other hand it gives the katana a unique mechanic that makes it different from other weapons, justifying its existence in the game as a weapon type of its own.

That said, maybe the dash should be the ctrl attack. I feel it’s very hard to fight with the katana because the rhythm of fighting with it is so different, so I wouldn’t mind having an actual heavy moveset. (I’m not a great fan of katanas, but I’ve tried to give it a chance, for science. I can’t bring myself to love it.)

Katana is the most worthless weapon in the game. High delay, low damage, and a worthless heavy attack.

If you use the light attack 3 times and follow with a quick 4th heavy attack the damage is actually quite incredible, landing this combo is another story but remember the attacks don’t need to land for the combo to carry the damage over. The damage basically gets amplified on the 4th attack, but I’d rather see the heavy attack get moved to ctrl and introduce a heavy chain of some sort.

I find the delays in the light attack chain to be a major cause in preventing the last hit ever actually connecting. Whenever I use it there’s always the feeling of this slight unevenness in the timings to connect attacks and the slow wind-up of the last hit in the chain makes it so you’re practically always going to be hit in the process. Of course - this is all from a singleplayer standpoint. It feels like npcs and creatures respond a lot faster to hits than the player does and even things like the recoil from blocking seem to take longer than their recovery period.

In the mean time, use the mod Exile Lands Improved (full version), it speeds up the slashes, and the light attack is now 5 moves, finishing with the iaito slash.

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